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Shit…where the hell have I been lately? Recapping….

Last weekend I went to Canada with Nick, Jenny, Matt, Roy, and a whole slew of other peoples. Spent the whole night at Bentley’s….$1 Gin and Tonics….can’t go wrong with that! Great night….good times with family and friends, drunken times.

The past week obviously suck, with school and class…that whole shabang. Had my 2nd Phys II exam this past friday…man fuck that class. I’m actually doing good this semester, just struggling in that class. Been working out in over drive now….losing the pounds….forming the body (in progress)….had a body fat testing last Thursday, 16%, not too bad. I’m working on that now. I guess average is around 20% and around 7 to 8% is really really good, to where you can see you muscles without flexing. My goal by the end of this semester is to get my body fat below 10%. I’ve upped the running and exercising last week as I’ll continue to do so each proceeding week. I’ve becoming a bit addicted to it and loving it. You’ll all fucking want me by the next summer! HA, its nice to dream tho….

Anyways this past Friday was effin awesome, from what I can remember! It was nuts. We started the evening at T’s (Trevor) place for some prepartying. Had mucho alcohol….all of us did. Then took the drunk bus to the Pike’s house for their annual Pike-A-Palooza. I was pretty gone, as was all of us by the time we got to the Pikes. Had a few beers or 2 or 3 or 4…prolly the biggest highlight at the Pikes was….I met up with good friend, Kim (happygrl4). It was really nice to see her again. Talked for a bit, took some pictures even though the Pike’s were being dick’s about picture taking. All of us ended back at T’s later that night around 2ish or so for some more drinking (gotta finish all the bottles) and fuck did we ever eat! So hungry! Finally retired the night sometime around 3ish or 4ish. Some how Scott passed out on our floor when he lives in the same apartment complex, fucking drunk ass!

Yesterday watched college football, go Blue! Then headed up for the World Series game 1. Family had people over for the game, aunts, uncles, cousins. Good shit! Now back here at KU, watched Lions….worked out for a couple hours (it just feels so good!), and now sitting here procrastinating on doing some homework. Next weekend is gonna be so sweet! CMU weekend, Halloween party, with the extended hour because of daylights savings (fallback an hour). Can’t wait! Just need to get through this week of classes and gonna have a kicker ass weekend!

Oh, the infamous photo galleries are back! With much more features and pictures then ever before!! I’ve spend well over a week rearchiving the pictures from 2003 and 2004 in an attempt to revitalize the photo pages. They’re up and better than ever. I’ve also continued to add all recently occuring moments such as this past weekend at Pike-a-Palooza. The galleries for some reason have been down today, all day, but I’d imagine the server will be back up in action by tomorrow. I’d say go visit the memories of the passed couple years, but its down as of now. So here’s the link, save it and visit it later. It’ll be worth the wait!

As for now I’m gonna watch game 2 of the world series and do some C programming, cuz shit, thats what I do! Later fuckers….see you’s this weekend for an awesome Halloweekend!


admin says:

yes definitely….drink….drank….drunk. good times! we’ll have a holy melted semi-sweet chocolate chip time! I’ve never been to yur school before…hmm….make any connections yet? let me know what’s up…

happygrl4 says:

haha i love it -holy melted semi-sweet chocolate chip-!
heh yea we have a great party out here every once in a while.actually thanksgiving is a HUGE one but ur gonna be @ cental =)~..ill keep u informed tho!

admin says:

i’ll be at CMU for halloween…for thanksgiving….no where. so inform me some more….heh

i’ll be a cmu saturday too… and dude the O.C NOV4…. MAN CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT AND I’LL be at the RAVE FROM THE GRAVE THIS FRIDAY… you can never go wrong in canada…. so how is school bro?

admin says:

hell ya! where u gonna be at CMU? anywhere u may know in particular? i’ll be at the house party at the corner of illinois and pine. Man, I’m aching for the O.C.!! It’s so close now, yet so far. The commercials are killin me! Canada is always a good time….always!

School? not too bad. 20 credit semesters kill me….Phys II kills me, my System Prog prof kills me, but other than that I’m doin good. Kinda feelin a lil senioritis and I still got over a year til I graduate! Anyways, how u been? Anything new, happening?

don’t where I will be yet at cmu but i shall know by friday… not much man school is going good, basketball is going great… just chilling and enjoying life… well man i’ll talk later and let ya know

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