Published on October 10, 2004 at 11:22 am

So 1 week of class is done, 9 to go. It’s gonna be a long semester. Fucking-A. The first week of classes wasn’t to bad, but it’s only the beginning. Phys II is gonna be a kicker, I can already see that.

Friday night was a interesting nite. We had a few KU people here at the apartment for some drinking games. Got a lil fucked up. Later went to the Delts house for Oktoberfest. Wow, was it ever lame. No offense to Kettering, but it has no eye candy and well it’s just blah. So around midnite my roommates and I decided to drive out to MSU for a better time. We ended up at the bar, Rick’s. Had a few drinks or 2 or 3. God, thank God for places like State. A great school (smiles). Kettering for classes, State for parties…done. So we had some fun at Rick’s then went to the Pita Pit for late nite munchie filler. Then if fucking poured outside. We had to jet back to the car and well it observation we all got soaked. We ended the nite at chick friend’s apartment of my roommate’s. Good good nite.

Yesterday was a chill day. Watched football, Go Blue. Michigan played great and had an awesome comeback win. Good shit. Last night Shawn, Scott, and I played a new kick ass drinking game specifically designed for the Xbox, The Guy Game. Oh Wow, this game is sweet. Guys I’d recommend it at your next gathering. Haha. Last nite was an early nite, was in bed by 1. Today will probably be another slow day, do a lil h/w and just get back into it for another week of classes.

Things to look forward in the future:
-Working on a new snowboard, boots, and bindings. Still looking but should have one within the next couple weeks.
-Next weekend possibly another State weekend, still up in the air.
-Halloween weekend: Halloween party at CMU…got big plans for that night….Roy and Omar are my wing men. Great costumes…..hehe.
-1st week of January: trip to Blue Mountain, Canada with Brian for a snowboarding trip.
-Last week in July/1st week of August of 05: Myrtle Beach 2005. I’ve begun to research new ideas and plans to make this trip even better than the last. Group member openings are still available. I will post more information when I’ve got a more concrete establishment of the trip.
-September 05: Cousin JoAnn’s wedding, in which I’ll be standing up in. God, I love italian wedding, I love my family…greatest thing I got. The Montalbano’s really know how to have kick ass weddings!! Gonna be awesome.

As for now…just keep studying and shit. Less than 2 years left til I graduate and really get the ball going. Ya know what? Life is good.

I made this a couple of weeks ago and now I’ve made it my background. Sometimes I see things like this in my head and I do my best to make it visual. This scene makes me happy, I like it alot.



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