Way to much and now school

The entry is prolly gonna be short b/c I really don’t want to talk to much about shit.

Let’s see, recently Natalie and I decided to take time apart from each other and do our own things. Yes I’ve been hurt unbelievably, but I know things will be ok.

Last week:
Saturday: Went with Natalie, Rachel, and Brad to Andiamo’s for dinner and a show by Darrel Hammond.
Sunday: Went to my new church, St. Lawerence and watched my sister cheerlead.
Monday: I went to The Gathering with some friends for Monday Night Football.
Tuesday: Went to B-dubs for my cousin Olivia’s 21st Birthday
Thursday: Went to Lawrence Tech to visit Brian and chill with his friends.
Friday: Went with Natalie and family to the Metallica and Godsmack concert.
Saturday: Moved back up to Kettering and had a lil party that night
Sunday: Chill day before class
Today: Fucking 1st day of classes.

This weekend I’ll be going up to Northwood to hang out with Mike and party it up there.

Recently I began to reconstruct my ever so infamous picture pages that people have asked about lately. Take note that they are not done yet, but are still in the works. Please feel free to take a look around and see what its all about. Leave a lil message if u’d like. The site is pictures.anthonymontalbano.com.

Thats about it, my life has definitely been fucked up and different lately, but ahh well, that’s life.

P.S. – Started workin out again and I’m so fucking serious bout it now, I’m gonna look damn good, fuck all that.

Later fuckers.

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jmatrone says:

Rock out! \m/ I’m going to the Metallica/Godsmack concert later this month, when it comes through DC! How was it??

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