Craig David Concert

This weekend was a good one, most definitely. The rest of last week was nothing much. Friday nite Sarah and I went to go see ‘Walk to Remember’ at the Forum, but it was sold out. So we chilled at her house for a while then decided to drive out to Rochester and goto the Rochester Showcase. It was playin there either so we seen ‘Slackers’. Not the greatest movie, but oh well. Saturday was a long day. I worked at Pinecrest and at my boss’s house for til noon then I went to my uncle’s new house right after that to work. Sarah babysat my bro and sis while I was workin. Saturday nite Rachel, Brian, Sarah and I were going to see ‘Walk to Remember’ again. This time I bought the tickets ahead of time so that we would see if for sure, but when we got in the parking lot Brian locked his keys in the truck with it running. So we missed the movie and were in the parking lot for an hour and a half trying to get in. We broke off his antenna and tried using that to unlock the door, but it just wouldn’t open. Finally a cop drove by and help us out. Costed him 45 bucks too!! What bullshit. We bought all kinds of tools from the dollar store trying to get in, but didnt do anything. Anyways we just all went to Coney Island and that was the nite. Sunday I did some good sleeping. Later afternoon Sarah and I went to her cousin’s first birthday party. That was pretty fun. Then after we went to the Craig David concert. That was kick ass. It sucked at first because we had to stand outside in the freezing cold snow waiting to get in. But went we got in we got a close spot to the stage. It took like forever for the concert to start but it was worth it. He put on an awesome show. He did this one song so damn fast I didn’t think anyone could speak that quick. It was sweet. I want to hear it again. The concert was great. But of course all things good must come to an end. Now I’m sitting here in my office editing pictures for a office plaque that I’ve created once before, but my boss was unpleased with the color of the background, so for after printing, cropping, and framing it up I’m going to have to redo it. So yeah, I’m a little bored. Ahhhhhhh, alright then back to work. Lata!


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