St. Valentine’s Day

Whatta day!! Yesterday was the best Valentine’s day I’ve ever experienced!! Amazing! Awesome! Unbelievable!! I was in complete shock and awe. First early in the morning I had pre planned this crazy thing for Sarah. I had 14 cards with puzzle pieces in them attached to a rose. Then I place all 14 roses with there cards in 14 different places I knew where she was going to be that day. So throughout the day she recieved cards with roses on them and in the end when you put all the pieces together it was a letter written out on a heart. I was so excited about it. Took a lot of planning and making arrangements, but it followed through and surpised her so much. Then later that nite we went back to my house to get the times for the movies but when I opened up my bedroom door……WOW! I was so surpised! Sarah and completely decorated my room with hearts and ribbons and little red and white Hershey kisses!! Then she gave me some body wash, facial cleanser and a little deck of cards about love. It was awesome!! I didn’t know what to say or do! She in unbelieveable!! And the nite even got better!! What she was wearing just turned me upside-down in joy!! I was out-of-this-world last nite. I never knew that Valentine’s day could be so wonderful!! Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! Sarah, I love you so much you’re so awesome!!! Thanks you for everything. You’re definitely forever! Can’t wait to see you again! Ahhhhhhhhhhh whatta day!


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