Damn Car

My car again has another problem with it. I definitely want a new one soon. I just had a new transmission put into it and a week later its doing it again. I really am getting sick of this thing. Well anyways this week has been pretty mundane. Haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. Works been kinda boring lately. About a month ago I created a newsletter they’re using here at the dealership, and its going to be published, but I’m still waiting on getting all the revisions to the articles. Other than that I’ve start organizing and cleaning up old computers here in stock. Yesterday I went to the new Coney Island on 11 and Gratiot. It’s really nice. Alex (a kid I met here at work) and I went. I had no money to pay, and I was gonna pay with a credit card, but they didnt except credit cards. So I got my meal for 2 bucks cuz thats all I had on me. It was nice. Anyways today I’m working again. I’ll prolly goto Sarah’s later today and we’re gonna watch Next Friday. She bought it for me becuz I helped clean her room on Monday. I think it was a good deal, you should seen that room!! Looks awesome now. I gotta get back too work, oh speaking of work. I got another reply from the website guy I think I might be doing some website shit. I hope things follow through. I’m off back to work now. Peace! How much you know bout me, click here to find out! Just take the damn quiz! Thanx!


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