St. Patty’s Day

Sunday was St. Patricks Day and my fathers 44th birthday. We had plenty of food to eat. It was great. Saturday I worked like the whole day at my uncle’s house with PJ. We did a lot of the prep work for the house to be painted. Then later that nite PJ, Karrie, Sarah and I went to see Resident Evil. PJ and I liked it, but the girls detested it! They were so scared and grossed out by it. But I can just remember about 5 years ago when PJ and I use to play the original Resident Evil for Playstation and was scary. And the movie was great. Anyways Monday I decided to visit Erin Ross, who I haven’t seen in like a year. It was an akward situation. I dunno. It’s good to keep in touch with old friends. Don’t think anything though, I still love Sarah like whoa! Yesterday was Sarah and I’s 9 month. Wasn’t exactly how we planned but things worked its ways out. We were trying to do an English project for her in Flash, not the greatest idea. Didn’t exactly work out. Today Dave, the other co-op student came in for us to go over topics on work so that he can pick up when I leave. Less than 2 weeks til I go back to school. I feel much more confident about this term than the last one. I think I’ll do much better. It was just hard getting into the jist of things. My cars been a little shitty lately, but other than that my life’s quite well. Still haven’t got that e-mail on that job, but we’ll see. Anyways works winding down and I’m really running out of things to do. I’ve been fooling around with my website. You should go check it out at if you click here. There isn’t much done with it yet, but I’m getting there. I’m working on a flash version of it, but haven’t came to a fully publishable page yet. But I’ll be sure to let you know when its done. Well I better go find something to do at work. Only 2 mo hours at this biotch! See ya’s soon! Peace!


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