Damn Columbia House

Ya well if ya didn’t know Shrek came out on DVD last friday and I had ordered it from Columbia House. But when I got home this weekend and opened the package there was The Mummy Returns. So now I have to send it back and wait even longer to get it!! Damn Columbia House! Other than that my week has been goin quite swell. Last nite Sarah, PJ, Ian, and Katie came up and visited my at my dorm. It was pretty cool. We didnt do much, just watched Joe Dirt and hung out. School has been a mega bitch to me. I spent so much time Thursday nite studying for a chemistry test, and I knew that shit well, but when it came to taking the test, it was nothing like the book. It made me so mad, and I really try hard too! Fuckin school!! Kettering is one hard school. Oh and I prolly didnt mention anything about this before but we had a Madden 2002 tourney for PS2 and the championship game was last Wednesday. I made football squares for the game. It was nuts! At the end Steve beat Erik 23-21 with a game winning 0 second field goal. Very exciting. Hopefully we can start up a Blitz tourney where I’d actually have a chance in. Anyways this weekend has been quite swell, not going to see Sarah, that much, but atleast I will get to see her. Actually got go, gonna go help her bake some cookies for NHS!! Later!


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