It’s Been Awhile

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote an entry, but I’m back and I’m gonna do my best to recap my last week and a half. Well Wednesday I surpised Sarah and came home for Halloween. I carved her a pumpkin, in which she had given me. It was a great evening. Oh yea and last weekend our football game was cancelled due to the flooding of the fields. This was a good thing b/c I didn’t go to the game, I wanted to stay home for the nite, had some math to do. This weekend I’m not going to the game either b/c it’s my grandma’s birthday and I have stay home to celebrate it. Oh and in our Unit up at Kettering we created a new website called Donkey Punch 34. If you knew what a donkey punch is then you’d get the joke. If you would like to visit the site click here. It’s cool. Eventually I would like to make the website a flash application, but I am still working on learning how to create things in flash, not a very easy thing to do! But I will figure it out. So yeah thats about my recap of the last week or so. Not much happened, but as always acceptable. Well I’m off to bed soon, but I’ll be back!! G’nite!


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