Eminem’s new album is sweet as expect….lol there’s a song called “Ass Like That”……the lyrics are fucking hilarious as hell! He speaks with a foreign accent the whole song and the chorus is like this….”The way you shake it, I can’t believe it, I’ve never seen it, an ass like that, the way you move it, makes my pee pee go, da doing doing doing!”

He’s nuts….good shit though. Plenty of good new hits from Eminem coming our way!



xfalnainjelx says:

I love eminem <3 his lyrics all around for every song are great. I just got done listening to that song 😀

_steamysex says:

i hate eminem.

xfalnainjelx says:

eminem has 100x more talent than ashlee simpson will ever have

_steamysex says:

mmk, and I mentioned Ashlee Simpson somewhere? riiiight!
fyi: eminem got CAUGHT lip-synching too, hun on SNL.

please don’t comment to me ever again. thnx!

xfalnainjelx says:

hahahaha..riiight nada problem!

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