Engagement party and ice skating

Hmm where do I start. School’s been really crazy lately, constant, constant work and shit, and projects that just don’t end!! So far with school all is well, just past the half way point for this semester. Damn it goes by so fast! Just think bout a month from now, we’ll be getting out. I do hope I pass this semester, it looks bright so far, Calc 3’s doing well, Phys is ok(prolly my lowest grade right now), and the rest of the classes are sweet.

This weekend was full of fun. Friday on my way home from KU i stopped by my buddy Ian’s dorm at OU for a bit, caught up a bit with him, then out to Roseville to see how things are going at the dealership. It seems like for the most part its all good, cept they fucked up my newsletter that I published last semester. Damn it! As for later that nite Dejaun and Rachel stopped by for a bit to say whatup. Then later after work Natalie came over and we watched Finding Nemo. As for Saturday, ran errands I had to take care of since I haven’t had time lately, but got a lot taken care of.

I got a new website job. I’m doing a site for my uncle’s company, Picturesque Painting. Woo hoo, its bout time I get a lil more work. I talked with him for a good period of time Saturday afternoon. Then later that nite was my cousin Joann’s engagement party. I love my family, heh so much fun, my grandpa, oh man, his stories are just too funny. He was tellin me bout his Florida trip and how every morn at 7:30am he would walk the beaches with his coffee and this girl would walk by topless, and as he would say “It was niiiiice! Beautiful!” Hehe, only my grandpa, so full of life, love ’em. Oh also that nite Joann and her fiance’ Aaron asked me to stand up in there wedding. I was excited, it’s gonna be a lot of fun! Heh, you gotta hear my cousin, Joannn, I got a few of her songs, she’s sounds so good, she has an awesome voice! Click here to hear one of her songs. You gotta love it, such a great voice.

Sunday was another day, as if ya didn’t know. I helped my parents for half the day preparing the house for sale and the open house. Our new house is getting closer and closer to finish and we hafta sell this one first! Any takers?! Leave me a message for more details! Later that afternoon Natalie and I went ice skating. We had such a good time, love this girl! She’s so much fun. Click here to see pics of us skating

Well thats whats been happenin, I know nothing too crazy, but doing good. I’m happy, just can’t wait to get the fuck done with school, so much craziness, and I need money! Ahh!

P.S. Natalie – Fuck it, just do it………..you only live once 😉

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mellymau says:

wow. she really does have a good voice!

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