Halloween Bash at 230

The halloween bash at our apartment this past weekend was awesome! We all had a lot of fun! Heh, I may have had a lil too much to drink, I wasn’t kinda gone near the end of the nite. I felt really bad tho cuz my girl, Natalie, came up and I was kinda drunk when she got there and I had too much and unfortunately she took care of me in my messed up state. I know it really bothered her and it wasn’t exactly the impression I wanted to leave. Cuz she didn’t exactly have the greatest of time, but as a whole the night was a success for everyone! Lots of fun and craziness. Click here to see the our Halloween Bash at 230

As for Saturday, a beautiful day, just kick ass. It was the Michigan v. Michigan State game and as expected the better football team of the state prevailed. No love to the Spartans on that day, GO BLUE!! Later that day I went home and again I felt bad for what Natalie went through the previous nite so I greeted her at work that nite with a small gift that included a bag of popcorn, slurpee cups (for slurpees later), a DVD, a baby CD of a song we both like, and foot massage lotion (b/c from work and dancing her feet have really been hurting her). So I wanted to show her how much I appreciated her taking care of me Friday nite and so Saturday nite we went to her house, had popcorn and slurpees, watched a movie, and I gave her the best foot massage! (or so I hope I did) Great, great nite.

Sunday morn I drove my baby to work and I spent most of the day just sleeping and watching The Emperor’s New Groove 3 times. Later Nat and I went to her grandma’s to visit then later to Texas Roadhouse for my grandma’s birthday. A much appreciated weekend. As for now I’m back at Kettering and Natalie came and visited me, again (smiling), cuz she was gonna watch our playoff football game, but it got cancelled, so we made the best of the time, heh. This week is going to be hectic, so much going on and so much with school, I live for the weekends and nothing to do on them.

This weekend is my cousin Joann’s engagement party. And on Sunday I’m planning on doing some ice skating. I miss skating and I can’t wait to get back out there. This winter is gonna be kick ass. Life is great, Natalie’s amazing and awesome (still smiling), school’s going quite well, getting more business, things are looking really good, I’m happy where I am right now and what is to come! I’ll B’s back later………………

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Love Your Journals

It sounded like you had a great time at your Halloween Party. I also thought it was a beautiful day when Michigan beat State, go blue, hehe. It was so nice what you did for your baby, and the cd was beautiful also. I love the romantic ideas that you think of. I wish someone could do that for me. Also, I noticed from your pics it looks like you work out. Ive been trying to get a body like yours but have not been able to. If you could post some tips in your journal it would be super!!!!!

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