Wedding and upcoming Halloween Bash

As I had mentioned before Natalie and I had that wedding this past weekend. For friday nite I was going to stay up here, but since no one was really gonna be up here I went home. Didn’t do much Friday til later. I went with my cousin’s Nick and Matt to see Kristie’s last football game for Mt. Clemens. They did a helluva whomping on them. As for later, later that nite I went over Natalie’s and chilled and “watched” a movie, hehe.

As for the big day Saturday, it was a great day. Natalie and I went to the church in Grosse Pointe and it was beautiful. Then later to the reception at Penna’s. I had a really good time, I really liked Natalie’s family, big and Italian, c;mon what’s not to like! Heh, just like me, too cool. Anyways we had a great time together and even though I don’t dance, she got me to dance a lil, heh, thanks babe. Click here to see pictures of the wedding

Sunday was a nice day too. Basically slept most of the day since I was out really late Saturday nite. But later that evening Natalie and I went to the Yates cider mill. Then we checked out my new house to make sure they did all the wiring I wanted them to do. All good! After we went to my Uncle Tony’s and Aunt Sandy’s house for my cousin Christine’s birthday. Now I’m back up here at the KU. The weekend was awesome, again, thanks Natalie for making it so special.

This weekend for Halloween is going to be awesome. We’re having a big Halloween bash in our apartment. We’re going all out too, lasers, strobes, black lights, disco ball, witch’s brew, and the not to forget, our buddy Robby, is going to DJ it for us. This place is gonna be fuckin kickin’! I can’t wait for this weekend. Grr but I gotta get through the rest of this week. School is nuts, a constant stress over and over again. Ahhh!!! Anways if anyone’s interested in coming to our kick ass bash give me a call or leave me a comment and I’ll getcha directions. Otherwise if I don’t write before Halloween, Happy Halloween to y’all and I’ll be back soon enough, don’t miss me to much, heh! Gone………………..

P.S. Natalie, your awesome, everything’s so wonderful and it’s only getting better! (you still got me smiling!!) 🙂 🙂 🙂


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