Unbelievable Sweetest Day

Before I tell ya about the greatest sweetest day ever, first off as I had mentioned before I’m playin football here at Kettering. Well last Thursday was our first game and we won 26-0, we kicked ass, then today we played our 2nd game and won 42-0, heh, hopefully we’ll win it all! We’re damn good this year!!

Well this past weekend was amazing. Friday I came home from school and later that night I met up with Natalie and we went to my house for the night (no parents ;), hehe) and well I don’t know how to explain the night, let me just put it this way I lived a fantasy, and was it ever everything I expected and so much more, Natalie yur amazing! As for Saturday I just chilled round the house for most of the day, took care of whatever errands and shit I had to do, then later Saturday nite Rachel had people over her house so I went over there and chilled with a bunch of people. Later that nite Natalie went back to my house for a few hours to spend some “alone” time together for Sweetest Day, heh again amazing! Hehe, she makes me feel so awesome, I just hope that she’s feeling the same. I’m quite interested in her and I really like her a lot.

Today she came up to Kettering to chill with me and meet my roommates. I’m really quite happy right now, even though I’ve been quite stressed with school and all the work I’ve had with it, she’s still keeping a smile on my face, thanks babe! Grr Baby Grr! As for this weekend I believe Friday night is a few parties up here at KU so as of now I’m planning on staying up here for the night. Saturday I’m going to a wedding with Natalie for her cousin. It’s gonna be a lot of fun, I love weddings, always a good time! Then on Sunday I think Natalie and I are gonna go to the Cider Mill and possibly ice skating. We’ll see.

Ahh I got so much homework I gotta get done tonight and I just feel like saying ‘Fuck it’ and just lay around. Oh not to forget October 31st, Halloween night, we’re having a huge bash with costumes and all, everyone is welcome, just please call me if you need directions or are interested in coming! Ayite back to the school thing cuz that’s what I do! (still smiling, thanks to nat’s) 🙂


hotboy21 says:

let a brother know wassup and where is ku

admin says:

Kettering is in Flint, Michigan, where you from?

hotboy21 says:

i’m from oak park michigan – i go to rochester college

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