Grr Baby Grr….oo la la Natalie!

DAMN it’s been a bit since I last wrote and I have much for you. As of last week, I finished my first week of class, damn 20 credits is gonna be rough and with the biz and playing football and all that good shit, am I ever busy! So the first week went swell as I make my way into my junior year of college. I’m getting old! Oh and this past weekend was definitely a one-of-a-kind. Over the past few weeks I’ve had a re-encounter with the lovely Natalie whom I mentioned to you about back on the 4th of July (Click here to read that article) So we’ve spent numerous nights, endless hours on the phone and this past friday we went to good ol Stevenson’s football game, then to Applebee’s, then back to my house to watch a movie. Heh. It was a great night! Then for Saturday I went to our new house that my family’s building to get it setup for computer networking. It’s gonna be so pimp, I can’t wait til it’s done next spring!! Later that afternoon I met up with Nick and Matt at the doggy park and played with all the dogs, crazy. Then back to Nick’s house to watch some football and baseball. Later later that nite, I met up with Natalie and we went with her family to this crazy haunted places. It was really cool I had a good time. After Natalie and I went back to her place and watched another movie, kinda, hehe. Another good nite or should I say good morning, haha. As for Sunday I slept half the day and later help Natalie out with her new computer they just got. I had to retire the nite early tho cuz I had to make my way back to school, KU baby! So yeah our apartment along with some other friends got together and formed a football team. Over the past few days I’ve been creating jerseys. Here’s the logo I ended up creating Hopefully this season looks bright! Damn have I been so fucking busy with school and all, it’s nuts! And as of last nite, actually technically today Natalie and I are together 🙂 🙂 Click here and here and here my baby, heh. Crazy huh?! She’s so sweet, caring, and may I say mighty damn cute! As for this weekend plans are kinda up in the air, possibly party at my house, a small one tho, who knows! Anyway’s hope everyone’s doing well and I’ll talk to y’all later. Arrivaderci!!
L’amore detta, il bacio scrive i segreti del cuore


allstarchic says:

🙂 I’m happy for u

aww 🙂 Your g/f is very pretty. I’m glad u had a really good reuniting weekend. I wish u both the best of luck in the future. 🙂

Yea, I’ve been behind on posting too, lol, so don’t feel bad.

Also, when I saw my b/f on sat. u read my journal I think, yea we “kinda” watched the movie, lol. oh well, u can always rewatch it later if u have to. lol

Your football logo thing isn’t showing up 🙁 I wanted to see it. Oh well, stupid yahoo.

KU? Kansas Univ.?

Well I hope your week cont. to go good for you. And yes, school is always a drag I guess, but I’m so looking forward to college much more then hs.

Well I guess I better go finish up my hw, hehe, at ole 11:00 at night, lol.

Nights, sweet dreams, sleep tight

<3 Beth <3

admin says:

Re: 🙂 I’m happy for u

Thank you, I hope for the best for us too, 🙂 I actually goto Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. It’s an engineering school. Heh, well I’ll talk to ya later and I’ll see if I can get that logo to work. Talk to ya later, ciao!

hotboy21 says:


sweet dude your girl is very pretty and i wish you guys mad luck. I’m busy here too with basketball, school , modeling and trying to get this job at a/x . But aleats you found someonre you love and loves you 4 you.. man good luck and keep her because she seems like a keeper

admin says:

Re: peace

hey thanx alot, hope for the best of luck in the future and good luck with that job. Take it easy man.

sweetguy4u says:

i better get to see this chick… get your ass back down here. i miss hangin with ya.. and “shoppin for damn posters!!!” lol… well hope your havin fun up at gay ass kettering!!! lol… it’s all good.. and she better not be one of those stupid hoes from before… or that one.. lol.. 😉 it’s all good… she better buy you things and NO SEX!!! 😉

admin says:

heh i miss all y’alls too! I’ll hafta give ya a call went i’m back round home, heh, and oh natalie?! she’s such a sweet and cute girls, she’s not like dem udder hoes, hehe, NO SEX?! c’mon, we’ll see bout that, haha, take it easy man and I’ll hit ya up later…

xxniceeyesxx says:

your girlfriend’s really pretty! she has nice eyes.

admin says:

thank you, i agree with you 🙂 very pretty

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