Back into the school mode

Last place I left off I was finished up with work and preparing for school. As for the rest of last week I didn’t do much. Well Friday nite was quite awesome. I went with Rachel, Matt, PJ and Karrie to see Stephen Lynch in concert, oh man it was great, so hilarious. If you ever get a chance to see him, don’t pass it up! Saturday morning was moving day. I woke up round 9am, showered, packed, then drove upto school. Spent most of the day Saturday setting up and stuff in our apartment. Later that nite cuzin Matt and Nick with Jenny. Also my buddy Rob who also now lives in the dorms had a few people up, like Laura B and Alicia B. I definitely had a good nite, we all did, heh. All of us roommates had an lil interesting story bout the nite, but it was cool. As for Sunday it wasn’t much of anything. Just chilled around here trying to get ready for school. My family came and visited for the 1st time to see my apartment, heh only after 2 years now, ahh well. Yesterday was my 1st day of classes, went decent, class is class I guess, damn it, I hate class. It’s gonna be a long semester, short in time (10 weeks), but hard (20 credits). I’ll pull through hopefully. As for later last nite I practiced football and worked out for a couple hours, woo, man when i woke up this morn was I sore! I need that massage Natalie, hehe. Today was another day of class, short tho, done at noon. Now for the remainder of the nite I’m gonna try to get all my homework done and organize my shizzit for class. Anyways theres where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. As for this weekend I’m gonna be coming home, going to my good ‘ol high school, Stevenson to watch their homecoming football game. Possibly going to Central on Saturday, we’ll see. Ayite then I’m gonna get back into this school mode thing, ughh, class blows! But it’s eventually worth it right?! Arrivaderci!


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