3 University Weekend and back to school soon

The past weekend was a busy one. As I had mentioned before Thursday nite I hung out with Kimberly. Friday nite we went out for my cousin Olivia’s birthday to the Tuscan Bistro then off to the Comedy Club. It was a fun nite. Robert Hawkins was hilarious. Saturday was an awesome day. I went first of with my bro justin to the Michigan game against Indiana, GO BLUE they one! After I went back home then off to MSU for the double birthday bash! It was sweet we had the grab bag with the scrub shirts in it. My pick was a purple Leaps and Bounds shirt, awesome thats all i hafta say! Click here to see the pictures of the weekend It was an awesome and fun nite. The pictures tell no lies! Sunday I came home and then went out with Kimberly again to the Rochester mall and then off to the Cider Mill. I was so completely out of it on Sunday, but I had a really good time. Sunday nite I took Rachel back up to Eastern and just chilled round there. Monday morn I came back home and spent half the day running around from mall to mall looking for posters for our apartment. It was the greatest thing when i found all the ones I wanted. As for the other half of the day I worked and took care of little things at work. Later last nite I went to Rob’s house and we went to his friend’s house and just watched television. I’ve been so busy lately, and I’ll soon be getting ready to go back to school this weekend. Life is so hectic right now, soon enough though it should calm down…as for now I’m outtie!! Ciao!


i actually saw you on GJ….and then came here…

is it ok if i add you?


admin says:

yeah u can add me, i added you! 🙂

sweeeet 😉

where in MI are you from?

admin says:

do u have instant messenger? IM at SuperSexyNino
Sterling Heights

sounds like a plan.

admin says:

awesome, i’ll be expecting an IM from ya anytime, hehe, ciao!

for sure. 😉

we live realllly close.

how odd.

admin says:

really? hmm where do u live?

whats yur SN?

xxniceeyesxx says:

i saw you on GJ too. mind if i add you?

<3 Jamie 🙂

admin says:

yeah for sure, I added you too!

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