Whatya weekend coming up!

Starting last nite (in my books) my weekend has alread been great. As I had mentioned before Kimberly was coming home from school for the weekend and we got to meet the 1st time last nite. We had a great time and great nite. Hehe. As for today the last full day of work and then tonite going out to eat and to the comedy club for my cousin Olivia’s birthday!! It should be really fun. Saturday is looking to be one of the greatest! Starting in the morning I’ll be going to the Michigan football game with my bro. Hell yeah GO BLUE!! Then later that nite i’ll be going up to State for the infamous Birthday Bash, and oh this one’s not like any of the other ones, this one’s a double birthday bash for Dan and Neil. Slogan for the party: “GET USED- Come to the Thrift Store Party”. Gotta love that! It’s gonna be an awesome day oh man i can’t wait!!! Then Sunday morning and afternoon I’ll be going shoppin and hanging out with Kimberly, hehe the weekend never stops. As for later Sunday nite, just time to relax and chill. For the next week I’ll be working on getting ready to move back up to school for that the monday after that will be class!! UGH!! yeah it’s back once again. Year 3. Can ya believe it? Ahh well that’s life and I’m sure as hell loving it! I’ll be back at the end of the weekend with pictures for all to see, especially with the double birthday bash! Hell ya, can’t wait for this all to go down, Ciao!

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happygrl4 says:

thanks 4 a great weekend anthony 🙂
hope to see u soon

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