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Last weekend Friday night I had made arrangements to rent out Troy Sports Center’s new inline roller rink. It was sweet. We had the rink from midnite-2am and like 16 people came out to play. It was such a bad ass thing. I miss playing hockey. It was so worth it. We’re planning on doing it again, but no date yet set. Definitely something you gotta do if you love playing hockey, felt so good to get the work out and to play the greatest sport! Before hand I was at my cousin Marios for his sister, Ritamarie’s birthday. My cousins Mario, Jerome, Pauly, my bro Justin, Natalie’s bro, Dan, Matt Terenzi, Matt Muir, PJ, Marv, Mark, and some of Mark’s friends came out to join us.

Saturday Nat, Em, and I went up to Michigan State at Dave’s apartment for PJ’s 21st birthday. It was shweet. Had a good good time. Seen Sarah, umm lemme just some that up….interesting…what the?…ok then…..weird….whatever. The cops did end up coming and broke it up. We ended up back there later that nite after visiting Erin in her dorm for a lil while and as we tried to fall asleep it just wasn’t happening. It was getting really late and we were all aggravated and it was still loud so it wasn’t like we could sleep much. So Nat, Em, and I decided that we were going to drive back home, but on the drive I was getting tired and the girls were already sleeping so I decided to pull over to a hotel and stay the nite there. A very wise decision on my part.

Sunday I visited Rachel and her ma at her APT for a lil bit then went with Natalie over her grandma’s house for dinner. Seen her new lil cousin, Eathan, such a cute lil baby, just born last week. I love her family.

As for the rest of the week it’s been quite busy with work trying to get a lot taken care of here. Last night I went over Nat’s aunt’s and we watched the much anticipated O.C. Damn is it bout time the truth came out to Marissa. Love the show!

Other than all this like I’ve mentioned before I’ve been in the progress of designing online flash games. I’ve came up with another simple yet minorly addictive game, Simple Racer. Click here to play the game. Please let me know what y’all think. I’m really curious on what people take on my games whether or not they like them. In the past journal entry I had posted about the first game I wrote. I’m still curious on what people’s feed back was on that. Anyways I’m gonna keep the games coming and if you have any questions in regard to the games or ideas, please let me know.

So things have been quite busy, if ya can tell, but I’m hanging in there. The other night Natalie and I were talking and it was one of those talks that so much is shared and so much is felt. It really made me feel it, she really makes me happy and lets me be who I want to be. I love her like whoa and for this valentine’s day I’m going to do my best to show her that. Only 2 more days…woo hoo! It’s gonna be a great day, even though she hasta work on V-day nite, I’m still going to give her the best V-day she’s ever had. Natalie, you mean so much to me and you’ve given me such much, I love you the most, and we still have so much ahead of us.

Loving life and living it up, getting caught in the moment, never forgetting the unforgetables, and smiling at the little things, gotta love it!



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