Un Encuentro and Super Bowl

This past weekend was a really busy one. Friday, wasn’t much of anything, but Saturday I helped round the house for open houses and then had a meeting with my dentist to discuss programming and web design projects. Went well he seemed really impressed and excited. He also recommended me to a few other dentists and doctors and they want me to do some websites too. I’m really excited. Things are definitely looking good. As he quoted, “You just become a web design specialist for doctors.” And that ain’t to bad of an idea!! Later that night I went and seen Natalie’s performance, Un Encuentro. She was so beautiful, wonderful dancer. I enjoyed it much. After the performance we all went out to Olive Garden for dinner. Good Good Nite.

As for Sunday, the once a year football loving pigfest, the Super Bowl. As like every year I went to PJ’s for the Super Bowl. Damn there was a lot of food, I definitely had a good amount, I was filled to the rafters, awww man! Patriots won, in the concluding seconds of the game with a game winning field goal. By far one of the best Super Bowl’s I ‘ve ever seen.

The rest of the week hasnt been much. Been working like whoa, its Thursday and before today I already had 30 hours of work. So I’m definitely looking forward to a pretty paycheck. Oh, the day before my 21st birthday I’m going to a bad ass concert, Finger Eleven and Trapt. It’s gonna be so kick ass, I bought the tickets today, not to sure who’s all going yet, but I do know that Natalie, PJ, Karrie, Angela, and maybe Dejuan and Rachel are gonna go too. Still got some time. I’m excited tho.

So yeah the game programming is going sweet, I finished that one game, mostly. I’m not planning on doing any updates to it anytime soon, so if you’re intested in playing it goto this page here to play it. Please let me know what you think and what change I should consider. I really want to know what people’s reactions are to it and whether or not it could or is a fun and addictive lil game. I’m currently in the process of another game, one that might be more interesting and fun to any of y’all who like football. Its going to be a one player football game, of the greatest rival of all time, UofM and Ohio State. The game is still in it’s infancy and I have a lot of work to do with it, but as soon as its playable I will link y’all up with it. I think I found something that is really sweet, I love the game programming, I could definitely get use to this.

Thats where I’ve been for the past week, all is well doing really good, Natalie and I are just becoming stronger and closer, it’s definitely getting much better. I’m really happy, thanks babe, love ya. Next weekend is Valentine’s and oohh is she in for a surprise, oo baby, haha. I’ll update y’alls when it all goes down and what happen. Ayite, time to actually get back to work, heh, I did finish the next issue of the newsletter yesterday so things are going good at work too. Hope everyone else is going well. Arrivaderci


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