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Well not too much has happened lately. A few weeks ago, last time I wrote, that weekend after I went back to MJC and worked on Saturday. Felt kinda good to work there again, been a while, but good. Both Friday and Saturday night I stayed the night at Natalie’s house. It was amazing. We watched a movie and feel asleep together on the floor by the fireplace. It’s so wonderful with her. We’ve had some sweet moments the past few weeks. Everything is so whoa! In love and loving it!

Over the past few weeks I landed a new small side job. Designing flash games!! I’m excited about it, work is actually fun now! Well I guess you never realize how much work there is into programming games until you get into it! So I have a game but it’s still a beta version and I’m stil working on a few features and settings in it. It works, but has it’s glitches. If you wanna check it out go here: Please let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for improvement please let me know. I’d like some feedback on it, like whether it’s fun and/or addictive. It’d be very much appreciated.

Other than that things have been going good. O hot damn has it been snowing! Also another little working I’ve been doing. I created a t-shirt design for my buddy DJ Robby and the rest of 313 sound labs. The shirts should be printed and available in a couple of weeks. If you’re unfamiliar with their music check out and you should really check out there new hype song by clicking here. They have really been progressing, wishin them the best.

Damn things have really been busy lately, works been eating me up (one of the main reasons why I haven’t gotten the chance to update my journal) but I’m surviving. This upcoming week should be sweet. Saturday night is Natalie’s recital, Un Encuentro. Then later after off and outtie with PJ for his 21st birthday. Sunday is the Superbowl. It’s gonna kick ass. I maybe working Saturday too. Dunno yet. Friday is still up in the air too. Sorry it’s taken me almost 2 weeks to update, but I will keep posting as much as possible and when anything new comes up. So just hang in there. I’m quite happy right now, smiling….ok back to work….gone……….


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