Bowling, Clutch, Autoshow, crazy blizzard

The past week has definitely busy. Last friday night a bunch of us went up to Troy Lanes to go bowling. As usual I did bowl a frame in my boxers. How could I not go somewhere without losing a little clothing? Eh? Anyways bowling went well, pulled off a 158, 126, and pathetic 95. The inconsistancy, isn’t much of anything is it? Fun times, always!

Saturday had a dentist appointment and well after the examination my dentist offered me a programming job for his office. So I got a new lil project to do. After the dentist my family went out to our new house to check it out. It’s getting there, soon enough! I then met my Nick, Matt and Roy at Lakeside. That was quite interesting. I walk into the food court and there they are with a bunch of 12 year olds girls! WTF? It was really weird, the girls were hitting on Nick like whoa!! and putting Roy down harshly. Haha, a very weird, interesting funny experience. Later that night, Natalie, Emily, and I went to Clutch Cargo’s for some dancing, and well if you knew me I’m not much of a dancer and frankily I don’t think I’m good at all, but according to my beautiful girlfriend and Emily, I’m not bad, so woo hoo!!

Sunday was the autoshow at Cobo. Originally Nick, Jenny, Matt, Kristy, Natalie and I were suppose to go, but Nick and Jenny didn’t end up going and I took my brother and my cuz Nathan (Nick’s younger brother). It was kick ass, as always!! Got more pictures of the sexiest car! 360 Modena Spyder. Also Ferrari had a new car, other than the new 640, that had an Italian pinstripe throught the middle, soo hot! Porshe’s Carrera GT was so bad ass too!! But for $440,000, I’ll wait for some years to pass before I’d make a purchase like that. Damn were the new concepts and idea’s becoming so bad ass. The future has a lot in store for us. Not only was I looking at the exotic cars I did a good look at some potential cars for me after my lease is up. My 2 main decisions is the new Pontiac GTO or the Pontiac GXP. Both very nice cars, and hopefully by then it’ll be in my budget. Overall the autoshow was kick ass, like every year.

Monday I went over Natalie’s cousin’s house to help work out their computer, ahh so many computer problems and oh so little time!! We had dinner. Tuesday after work I had a dinner meeting with a few employees and a database designer, Gil, from New York. Called the night early that night. Wednesday, oh did it ever snow, snow, snow, and snow! My car was buried! I then went over Natalie’s later that night for the OC! Fuckin-A the show just keeps getting more intense and I gotta wait another 7 damn days to see what’s next! Also yesterday I got another couple website jobs, one for a recording studio and another for a salesman. So more work for me!! Damn, shit just doesn’t stop coming eh?! Yesterday I also had a lil fun at work and made something quite fun! Click here to check it out!. If you have a pop-up blocker on it may not go, so try again with it disabled. Leave me some comments on what you think, hehe.

Well I guess that’s whats been happening, thing keep changing, and I think they really are getting better. I’ve been really creative lately and coming up with lots of ideas for potential business in the future. Just gonna hafta see where it all goes. Crazy shit. Life’s great tho, been really happy and with Natalie, things are really, really looking bright, love this girl!!

Ayite, I’m outtie, time to go home! Only one more day of work til the weekend and paycheck! I’ll update later with pics of the holidays and the autoshow when I’m not as busy!! Hope y’all doing good and enjoying this snow, heh, or atleast appreciating it somewhat. KK, later…


Anonymous says:

I always told you, you were a good dancer but you never listened. It took me forever at homecoming to get you to move!! Hope you’re dancing for your girl cuz clubs are so much more fun when you dance. And for your little site, yea, not cool. You are pretty talented with the computer, but I have to say I didn’t enjoy your new little site. So I hope you come visit up at State sometime soon (i heard rooms of B.S.S.B. but I’m not sure about anything). We haven’t hung out in forever so Hopefully you come up for that or something. Good luck with stuff! See ya!!!

Anonymous says:

Oh, that message was from me, Erin, sorry I always forget to put that in there. Erin Ross in case you aren’t sure 🙂

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