New Years and back to school

Damn I haven’t written since last year so this shall be my first post of the new year, 9 days later. As I had mentioned before the weekend after Christmas, my family and Natalie went up north snowmobiling at my grandpa’s place in Cedar, MI. Nothing much went out for the rest of the weekend, just watch much college football.

New year’s eve I was at my house for most of the night with the family then later went over Natalie’s and spent the New Year’s with her for the rest of the night, drinking a lil and having fun, hehe. New Year’s day I had to wake up early, and go home for more football. There was many, many people all over my house sleeping/passed out from the party my parents had. Once everyone woke up we all just laid around all day doing shit, watching more bowl games. Unfortuneately and sadly Michigan lost the Rose Bowl to USC. It was a good game, just not Michigan’s. As for the weekend Natalie and I seen Paycheck, good movie and just chilled. Monday it was back to work.

Work’s been picking up surely as I get back into the work mode, but damn. It’s definitely better than school tho, I need to get away from those books, damn! So it’s 2004, more than half way done with college, have a wonderful girlfriend, and soon to be moving. 2004 is definitely going to be a new year, with new beginnings and new fun. Hell yes, amen to that. So nothing really new to tell ya, just getting into work and trying to get ready for the move in a couple months. This weekend is the North American International Auto Show at Cobo, which I got tickets from work for, should be kick ass. Tonight is bowling with Natalie with all her work peoples, damn, it’s been awhile since I’ve been bowling, damn.

Ayite, I’m outtie, gotta work more, shit to do, and people to see. Hope all is goin well with everyone else. OH OH, almost forgot, at work I created a new AIM screen name Ten Hourss, so IM me if ya need me at work, but I may not respond or may stop responding to you since I’m at work and I have higher priorities, other than talking on instant messenger, at work. Also not to forget I start a new journal, it’s not like most journals, take a look at it, if you think you’re smart enough. bihexual It’s not what you think and if you knew enough about computers you would understand the user name and the articles. Geek Joke: Remember, there are 10 people in this world, those whom understand binary and those who don’t.

Ok for real now I’m back to work, gone…………………..


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