Merry Christmas and done with school

Yes, it’s been quite some time since last update. Let me see if I can sum it all up. Last weekend was finals, and oo was that a doozy. Not to bad but Physics ate up my ass. Later Friday evening we moved out of our apartment and came back home. Friday nite Natalie and I went to Fabolous Fridays at Cranbrook. It was really cool. You get to sit in the planetarium and they re-enact the sunset and then all the stars come out. It’s definitely awesome. After that they did a laser light show to Pink Floyd music. That was really trippy. Kick ass tho.

Saturday was a good day. I surprised her with an early Christmas present to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. It was funny as hell, I gave her the gift, she opens it and is like “what the….?! This is tonite!” Hehe, it was a bad ass concert. They redid this one song written by a monk back in the early 1930’s called Carmina Burana and it was kick ass. Can’t wait til it comes out on CD. Sunday we didn’t do much. I started to get sick, and it only got worse throughout the rest of the week. Christmas, still sick, I went to my aunt’s house for a wonderful family cooked meal, then later to Natalie’s house to spend some holiday time with her family. It was nice. Christmas day I was at my cousin Matt’s all day until later at nite when I met up with Natalie at her cousin’s house. Guess I graduated with the kid, but had no clue, ahh well. I got some sweet stuff for Christmas; many Hollister clothing, Clinque Happy cologne, Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder (my ultimate favorite car) in 1:18 scale, million candle power flash light, gift cards, Red Wing fleece blanket, DVDs, and a leather jacket. As always Christmas went well. Natalie got me 2 shirts from Hollister. I love em both, they look really good on me. Gotta love the holidays!!

As for the past weekend I spent it up north at my grandpa’s place in Cedar, Michigan (just north of Traverse City). We planned on doing lots of snowmobiling but lack of snow stop us. We did get some sledding in on the 1st day, but nothing there after. Saturday we spent the evening at the Grand Traverse Mall. Crazy or not, Natalie had came with us and well she got to meet her cousin which is some relation to me. It was her grandma’s 1st cousin. Damn is this world ever small!! It was a good weekend though, had a really good time

Now only if I could get rid of this sickness!! It’s killing me, I wish it’d just go away. Anyways for this week, no real plans yet for New Years. Just gonna take it as it goes I guess. Then next week work starts up. It’s been a really crazy week with Christmas and all, but does it ever feel good to be done with school!! Hell yes! Work isn’t so bad at all. Oh and hopefully I’ll have a few website jobs I can take care of. I started a new one,, it’s still in the works but hopefully I’ll had it all done by this week.

As for that thats whatcha been missing. Everythings been great otherwise, Natalie and are doing great. I’ve really fallen for her and couldn’t be happier! Well, I’ll be back later when new things happen, but as for now, I’m outtie, peace!


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