yeah well u suck! lol, maybe i should think about doin that.. even though i have 2 extra computers just sittin… if only i could have 2 processors lol.. 933,and a 500 so yeah. you have my monitor! or at least it looks like it… well hope ur doin good over there. haven’t saw you in a while. i think we need to hang before u leave for SCHOOL!!! natalie can’t get all the time lol. j/k

Marc im ashamed in u! u hide from me and u get a new journal and i find out its u and u dont add me or let me knwo! whats up with that marc! let alone u never talk to me nemore!

sorry anthony lol but ur computer is kick ass mine is a crappy black normal dell! lol

jenniferdunn says:

Holy Impressiveness!! ::stares in awe::

damn boy!!!!! way to rock it out!

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