School coming and myrtle beach trip

I’ve been really busy, as always. Works been really hectic and I’m almost done for this semester, once again. School starts in a week and a half, ugh! My schedule sucks to….class from 8-8 on mondays. School should once again be another interesting 3 months. One thing I will/need to do is start working out again, I’m not really in shape at all and fuckin-A the summer is coming!

As posted in my last entry I got/built a new computer! I love it, everything is working great on it, I love it! Sooo happy!! Last weekend was fun. Natalie and I went with Em upto Pampa’s for bowling with Em’s bro and friends, didn’t bowl all to well, but hey I’m not a bowler. Saturday I stayed in to watch my lil cousins. Then Sunday we celebrated my fathers birthday which was actually on St. Patrick’s Day. Speaking of birthdays, only 10 days til my birthday!! The big 21, ahh! 04/04/04 < --Crazy date eh?! It's a Sunday. Not to far away either. As for this week work is almost done as I had mentioned. Next week is cleaning week and getting ready to go back to school. I gotta lot of work to do in my room b/c by the time I'm done with school I'll be in my new house. Damn its gonna be quite eventful the next few months! The day before my birthday I'm going to the Trapt/Finger Eleven/Smile Empty Soul concert. That'll definitely be kickass! So much to do in so little time! Recently it seems like everyone around me has been going on vacations and well I really haven't left the state since high school. I need to hit some ocean beaches! With this thoughts I, along with my beautiful Natalie have started to plan an amazing trip to Myrtle Beach this summer. I'm so excited. I already go the reservations for the room and set plans to rent a van for the trip. Click here to read and see more about our hotel and things to do. I can’t wait much longer and its so far away!! Just gotta get through 3 months of school and some work and BAM! I’m there, hot sandy beaches, cool frozen daquiri in my hand, ocean in my view, and the most beautiful girl in the world beside me. My dreams only a few months away and I can’t wait much longer til that come true!

So much has been going on and I’ve been trying to get as much done as I can possibly do. I can’t wait for the summer, It’s gonna be so kickass. I am fucking so in love with Natalie and damn well we’re gonna have the best summer this year!! So with that all said thats where I have and where I’ll be in the days to come. I still be writing…but for now….ciao…..

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jenniferdunn says:

That’s some school schedule! Good luck with that!

I need to get in shape before summer too!

Man.. would I kill for a vacation. However, I don’t think my next vacation will be until my honeymoon next year LoL. Well I have a family reunion this summer.. but that’s in IOWA! LoL.. Oh well =]

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