New Computer!!!!

Well this past weekend I built myself a new computer!! Woo Hoo!! I needed it so bad!! I spent the the whole weekend (Sat/Sun) building and modding it. So far must of it is up and running and damn is it ever slick. Below are the specs of the computer.

My computer:
-AMD Athlon 64-bit 3000+ Processor
-MSI K8T Neo Motherboard
-1GB of DDR400 (PC-3200) RAM
-300 GB’s of 7200rpm Hard Drive Space
-ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder 9000 AGP Graphics Card
-DVD+/-R/RW 4x Drive
-5 Fans
-Custom Case w/Side ‘X’ Window
-8 USB 2.0 Ports
-Dolby Digital 5.1 Sound
-Blue LED’s and Neon’s
-CoolDrive4 Temperature and Fan Monitor
-Windows XP 64-bit edition
-Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Thats the gist of it all. This computer has so balls! It’s so kick ass I’m so excited bout it. I overclocked the Front-Side Bus from 800mhz to ~830mhz and advanced the chipset, so it’s running great! The case was modded and designed to feature the standard 3pin RCA and S-Video input’s on the front of the case. All drive covers and doors were painted silver to match the case. I took pictures of me building the computer. So below are a few pictures in progress of this beast! No software has yet to be installed, but I’m gonna take my time and get this thing tweaked out to the best I can! So drool over these…..

Click on any of the images to enlarge

That’s it for now, I may make some minor changes to it, but as for now thats what I got. So sweet! Let me know what ya think about it. Ayitie then……..


crazydave78 says:


admin says:

damn proud too, you want it, heh!

allstarchic says:

thats one sweet computer, I NEED A NEW ONE!! lol. I know ur computer smart, esp. if u know how to build a computer from the ground up, but Windows ME NEEDS TO DIE!!!!!! I hate my operating system. GRRR
lol, well anyways, have fun with ur new toy

<3 Beth

admin says:

thanks, i’m so excited about it, i can’t wait to get it completely up and running, woo hoo!

Anonymous says:

Cuz all i have to say is damn u are a G for makeing that phat computer

Anonymous says:

nice computer Anth its sweet. lets se how fast it can go and make me my cds or i will hold your money hostage….

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