Marisa Cheerleading, Hard Rock…

Well after that past article it’s been quite awhile since I updated my journal about whats been up. Actually not much. Last Saturday I went to my little sister’s first cheerleading competition. She got 7th place, but she shoulda got much better, they did a really good job, especially for only 10 years old. Later Saturday night Natalie and I went with Emily and a buddy, Gino to Andiamo’s then to late night bowling. It was a lot of fun, had a good time. Pooptastic! Sunday went to Natalie’s grandma’s for dinner, then later I went back to my house to see my grandparents whom have been on vacation for the past month or so in Aruba. Overall, good weekend.

Monday night Natalie and I went out to see 50 First Dates with Brian and his date Danielle. Good good movie, really good, as always Adam Sandler is great. For the rest of the week working, busy a lil here and there, but mostly blah. Yesterday I had the day off and later last night I went with Natalie’s family to the Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit. Had a good day yesterday. I’m working on getting my car fixed after last week’s Canada trip. Fuckin-A. Well nothing too new has been going on, school’s coming back again in a few more weeks, ughh, 21st birthday only 3 weeks away. Hmmm…

Some other thoughts..

In the next month is a whole sleu of good concerts that I wanna attend, but prolly won’t.
March 23rd Hoobastank w/Lostprophets
March 28th The Darkness (working on tickets)
April 3rd Trapt, Finger Eleven, Smile Empty Soul (already have tickets)
April 13th Switchfoot
April 14th Story of the Year
April 20th Yellowcard

Then for August 15th, its the Warped Tour with 50 or so bands, so just a few lil things to look forward to in the not so distant future.

Oh, oh, as of this past Sunday our house is sold. Only 60 days or less in our house and we’ll be moving, crazy, eh? So thats some big news, kinda forgot bout that. Our new house is getting closer to done too. It looks sweet, I’ll post some pics when I get some. For this weekend no definite plans have been made yet, just gonna go with the flow of it. Work has been much of nothing today. I made a CD last nite of all popular 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s songs, oh man good shit, Flock of Seagulls, Billy Idol, Styx, Meatloaf, Heart, Belinda Carlisle, REM, Whitesnake, Tom Petty, Jefferson Starship, New Order, Bangles, Cindy Lauper, Blondie, Berlin, Bad Company. the list could go on and on, wow, just thinkn bout the past now. Sometimes wish I could go back to those days where nothing was a worry and every day was just as fun and long as the last. Those were the good ol days. Shit 3 weeks and I’m 21 and from what I’ve heard it’s all done hill from there, whoopy. I’m excited though about the future, so much is gonna happen. The summer is coming up and a few possible plans have been thrown up in the air.

Ayite, thats the gist of it all right now, it’s Friday and fuck, I’m ready to get outtie already. Gone……..


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