Same sex Marriage, or call it what you will

So much has happened lately with the whole “same sex” marriages….I dunno, but I think its kinda becoming media thing, moreover than anything else. When I look at this picture above I honestly think this lil girl has notta damn clue what’s going on. If you look back to the old testament in the bible it clearly quotes what marriage is:

Genesis 2:23-24 The man said,
“This is now bone of my bones,
And flesh of my flesh;
She shall be called Woman,
Because she was taken out of Man,”
For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother,
and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.

Genesis 3:16 To the woman he said,
“I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing;
with pain you will give birth to children.
Your desire will be for your husband,
and he will rule over you.”

The joining of man and woman which from what I understand is the physical differences the sexes. See there is a difference between sex and gender, where as sex is what you’re physically born with, while gender is male or female, masculine or feminine. I do believe you can be a man and be more feminine than masculine, yes. But as exerpted from the bible it mentions man and woman. So I really don’t think that the marriage of same sex follows through under church.

Now if you were married, if thats what you may call it under something else, than do as you please. I’m not at all homophobic or against it. I don’t agree with it, but it’s not my business what you do with your life. I think many of these same sex couples are doing it because it’s civilly disobedient to them, thinking they can change how the church follows.

Now I do believe in civil disobedience and the thoughts of Henry David Thoreau, but I don’t think that same sex marriages and the struggle to amend them in the church is appropriate. I myself being of Catholic belief, I do believe in the bible and what it has to say and if these same sex couples want to believe in it to then they can’t expect that they can change over 2000 years of script to include there beliefs. I dunno if all this makes sense to you as I was hoping it to come out as, but those are my thoughts not yours. Please give me some feedback, I’m curious what peoples thoughts are on this topic and whether you disagree or agree with me. Its very controversial, I see…..


i totally agree with what you say…my thoughts exactly.


jmatrone says:

My two cents…

I also tend to agree with what you are saying. Being a homosexual hasn’t yet been socially accepted so it’s still very taboo in today’s society. However, the gay community will have us believe that they have the right be married and have it legally recognized by church and state. How can this be when church and state still heavily criticize the actions that take place in gay relationships, including gay relationships altogether? Not to raise any additional arguments but look back in our own history and you will see that this country does not take change lightly. It took a war to get us to recognize the black community as equal, and it took many dedicated years to get us to recognize the female population as equal. And I’m willing to bet people from both of those social groups will stand up right now and say that don’t believe that they measure up to the rights and freedoms that white males get. I’m not saying that’s right, but that’s simply how this country operates, and it’s something we all have to deal with. This country’s government does not require that we as individual change at all to fit it’s mold, and we shouldn’t expect our government to change at all to fit our individual mold either. it’s the governments job to change to fit the mold of the general populous and to do what’s in our best interests. Obviously granting the legal right for gay couples in this country to be married does not fit our government’s agenda at this point in time. And seeing how the gay community has selected this little girl, who was probably adopted by a gay couple, as their poster-child only goes to prove that our government’s decision is the right one.

admin says:

Re: My two cents…

dude you brought up many interesting points about our situation in time and how the government is to be “for the people, by the people” but when saying this meaning the general consensus, you’re right, you can’t mold a government to everyone’s belief’s, you can’t and yes at this time the government has already enough on their hands and well with the election coming up, i’m curious what the candidates are going to say about same sex marriages and if they’ll use that population to their advantage. don’t you love this country? amazing how this country operates, could you see the situations of such going on anywhere else? naw…

decapitated_ says:

It’s one thing to be gay, be gay and be by yourself. But to get married and then have adopt kids to raise in that enviornment? Hell no.

In nature, homosexual “animals” or “forest creatures” die out due to their inablity to breed.

admin says:

another good point arose. it takes a heterosexual couple to reproduce and in according to catholicism an expectation of marriage is to bear children. this doesn’t work with same sex marriages. so why should they be blessed, under God, the gift of marriage?….

decapitated_ says:

Not even that, you can even say “I’m atheist” then you go by the law of nature. Our main purpose is to breed and reproduce, not to march in a parade in pink skirts and such.

If you can’t do that, then you’re useless.

admin says:

i do see what you’re saying, and yes, true. but I speaking more on behalf of being married under the church. your point tho, is very clear, and very true..

decapitated_ says:

Yeah, it seems the church has twisted things due to being under presure by the media. It’s sick..

admin says:

welcome to the united states of america my friend….

mellymau says:

actually there was a study done on chimp sexualtiy awhile back and if found that 70% of chimpanzees preferred same sex chimps over the different sex for sexual pleasure. they have sex with the opposite gender to reproduce and have offspring, but for the pleasure, they turn to the same sex. thats nature.

decapitated_ says:

That’s disgusting, but atleast they breed.

decapitated_ says:

There’s other animals out there though.

decapitated_ says:

Also, I’m not a Bible preacher, just an advid supporter of natural selection.

pjscally says:

I dont see any good resonoing behind this comment, you are saying that children should not be raised by gay parents, because its a bad enviroment. so i guess then it is OK for a child to grow up in a abusive, neglected household, as long as they have stragiht parents.

admin says:

do agree with you on this point, there is absolutely nothing wrong with same-sex couples raising children, because like you said there are those abusive and neglected children whom don’t deserve that.

decapitated_ says:

“so i guess then it is OK for a child to grow up in a abusive, neglected household, as long as they have stragiht parents”

You don’t see any reasoning behind my comment, yet you have the audacity to assume that all straight (or most) couples abuse and neglect their kids?

pjscally says:

no im not saying that at all, its called sarcasm my freind. im saying that a child can grow up in a loving atmosphere, AND have gay parents…for some reason u think this is wrong. i think if a child had a choice to grow up in a loving, gay household, they would choose it over a neglected, straight household. i wanna know what the enviroment is when growing up in a gay household, because u obviously know (or think u do) how horrible it is.

decapitated_ says:

“its called sarcasm my freind” Which you forgot is hard to pick up on online, especially with no tone.

And yes, it is wrong, it’s morally wrong. I’ve seen people who have been a product of this. Their outlook on life is different. They really have no diesire to have a family, and they’re weird. It’s hard to put my foot on exactly what it is, but this one person I knew was creepy.

pjscally says:

i agree that sarcasm is tough to pick up. sorry.

but u say u know one person who is creepy. the key word there is ONE. there are messed up people come from straight families too, i think it is all in the upbringing, on how a person grows up. i wont believe that a majority of children raised in a gay household grow up to be “different”, until i see some stats

decapitated_ says:

I also know a cousin’s friend’s cousin. She’s sensative about this topic. It’s funny, she supports homosexuals more than hetrosexuals, even though she’s hetro.

The way you’re brought up affects you mentally. Look at people with broke homes (some of them), some of them end up becoming prone to crime.

mellymau says:

just a thought

what about the people who are genetically XX chromosone, but have male genetalia and produce testosterone, or the XY chromosome who display female features and produce estrogen? what about them? would they be considered gay in either way? should they just stay single and alone for the rest of their lives??? God made them that way… physically. and there are multiple other gender disorders that are physical and could make someone gay one way or another. what about them?

pjscally says:

i really don’t care what happens, if they wanna marry, i say let them marry. i am catholic and believe in the bible, but i dont think it should govern how we run a country, this country is so diverse, and to run it according to one form of beliefs is just too hard to do, someone will get the short end of the stick. also another thing, this is in the bible, but what about all the other things the bible says, there are parts that say that slavery is OK, so since the bible says it, i guess we should reintroduce slavery in the United States. My point is times have changed since the bible, and if we are gonna include the bible in out laws, we have to adopt it all, not pick and choose.
but hey, if they are allowed to or not, it doesnt affect me, so whatever happens. happens.

sweetguy4u says:

i don’t understand y it’s such an issue, a person CHOOSES who they like, if it’s a man it’s a man, if it’s a woman it’s a woman, good for them. it’s their preference, y force someone that wants to be HAPPY, in this sad ass world, to be unhappy the rest of their life, be it single, or “forced to be with a woman” is it our right to keep someone from being happy?? hell no! and yes, this is the united states, where people are FREE. free to do what they want, some people CHOOSE to be stupid and commit crimes, and some people choose to come out of the closet and admit they are gay, so are they wrong, they could be, are they right?, they could be. but who the fuck are we to judge what makes people happy? the bible,.. is that the almighty tell all say all now?? when did that happen?? just wondering *not dissin on u at all* sure maybe it’s something to look to, or to try to stay in line with, but the say all end all?? umm no. so yeah in conclusion, i think let people do what they wanna do, if they wanna be happy as hell, and adopt a kid, let them, all kids don’t get adopted, so what if it’s in a gay relationship household. that kid will learn more from what he/she experiences than most people do in a lifetime, sure it sucks, but i know there’s been times, that i wish i knew more than what i know now. so just quit conforming, and get away from the norm, let people do what they want. y not let 2 people that are truely happy be together? if they don’t wanna reproduce, y is that our fault?

sweetguy4u says:

and to think i thought i was all smart.. yet it’s not even that issue at all… but yeah go gay marraiges!!! that’s all i have to say about that.

admin says:

i don’t think y’all are taking what I’m saying in the right context. let me try to re-explain this to ya’s. first off I have nothing against same sex couples and whether or not you are a man or woman wanting to be with a man or woman. yes, i’ll say love knows no gender. your business is yours and has nothing to do with anyone outside of your relationships. if you’re gay and proud, more power to ya, i’m not trying to knock it at all. what i don’t agree with is the term “same-sex marriage”. yes, at one time the bible was very powerful and yes things have changed in time. i’m not saying that we all are perfect followers of the bible, cuz i know many if not all of us aren’t. one thing i do believe in, is the fact that the term “marriage” was created within the bible stating a union of a man and woman with a strong emphasis on procreation. So strong in a sense that word has become a defined definition within many widely known dictionaries as the union of man and woman, to become husband and wife. Having that said, if a same-sex couple want to unite I believe a term for such this would be perfectly acceptable. When you’re getting married, you’re asking for God’s blessing to join a man and woman in hand in marriage. The act of marriage is religious and is cleary defined as opposing sexes. I have nothing against same-sex couples whom want to adopt, there is nothing wrong with that at all. It’s all in the union of two people and what it’s called and how it takes place. Please remember these are my feelings not yours, and that is strictly how I feel. Again I have nothing against same-sex relationships at all, it’s just on how they are united for always. Hope that makes a lil more sense.

admin says:

Here is an article I found on the net to consider looking over…
Same-sex marriage promises to be the issue of 2004 – maybe the issue of the first part of the 21st century.

It’s a fascinating issue because it illustrates the way post-Christian America has lost its moral bearings. Right is wrong. Left is right. Up is down. Good is evil. That’s what happens when a society no longer finds itself accountable to any authority higher than public opinion or the ruling of some judge.

Even the rule of law is falling victim to the same-sex marriage fanatics, as the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is instructing the legislature in that commonwealth to pass a law. Whatever happened to the notion of separation of powers? Whatever happened to the idea that the legislative branch of government responded to the will of the people?

Some opponents of same-sex marriage might take comfort from a recent poll showing 60 percent of Americans oppose the idea. I don’t. It doesn’t matter any more in a society that is ruled by unaccountable judges – as the U.S. Supreme Court showed us we were last June by striking down Texas’ anti-sodomy laws and as the Massachusetts court demonstrated more recently.

I also take no comfort from the fact that the National Annenberg Election Survey showed 31 percent of Americans in favor of same-sex marriage. That is an astonishingly high percentage of Americans who believe in something preposterous – an idea so silly it would have been laughed out of a courtroom or a legislature five years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago.

Why is it preposterous? Why is it silly?

Let’s just talk about the same-sex marriage idea from a practical perspective.

If it is, as proponents suggest, discrimination to deny same-sex couples the privilege of marriage, then it is also discrimination to deny the privilege to anyone else who wants to get married. Right?

“Well,” you say, “who else wants to get married but is denied by the state?”

Many people. And as soon as this taboo is broken, watch them line up.

How long do you suppose it will be, once same-sex marriage is a reality, before brothers want to marry sisters? How long do you suppose it will be before sisters want to marry sisters? How long do you suppose it will be before brothers want to marry brothers?

How many same-sex marriage advocates want to go down that road?

Are you still with me?

If incestuous marriages don’t scare you off, how about marriages involving more than two people? What possible reason could we find for “discriminating” against threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes, etc.?

I remember, being in the news business, a fellow in Great Britain who wanted to marry his dog. How could we possibly “discriminate” against an idea like that?

The truth is that most of us do believe in discrimination. In fact, we discriminate every day when we make choices. I’m not sure you can live without discriminating – between good food and bad, between safe conduct and unsafe conduct, etc.

Discrimination can be a good thing – a necessary component of life. It’s a bad thing only when we use it prejudicially against people because of immutable circumstances – like the color of their skin.

People who are homosexuals, transsexuals, transgendered people, intersexuals, lesbians and metrosexuals are characterized in those ways because of their conduct, their behavior, their choices.

Those folks have exactly the same rights as heterosexuals. They can marry one member of the opposite sex. No one forces them to do so. But they have that right.

This system has worked pretty well for the last 6,000 years. We tamper with it at great peril to our society.

crazydave78 says:

my sentiments exactly

Anonymous says:

“Not that I give half a fuck for gay marriages, since I don’t even believe in marriage at all, but religion as always seems to be the cause of this overabundance of moaning and bitching, and that pisses me off to no end. There is a certain part of the Constitution that mentions this little known idea called “Freedom of Religion.” Apparently such an idea is too abstract for the majority of “Americans,” who believe that their way is the only way. They’re mad because they hold marriage to be “sacred,” and for us as a country to allow gays and lesbians (aka heathens, sodomites, workers of iniquity, blah blah blah) to be able to marry would be “destroying the sanctity of “our” marriages,” as our President so lovingly puts it.

First off, he’s going ahead and generalizing that “we” as a nation are of Christian or similar belief, and he certainly isn’t speaking for me, but I guess that means I’m not “American.” I guess I’ll be making use of my newfound ability to vote to make sure another prick like him doesn’t end up taking office.

Next up, whatever the fuck happened to “separation of church and state?” Do we write these pretty words and make them law for nothing? What was the point of making that law if people can’t comprehend the idea that religion has no place in our politics because of our previously noted “religious freedom”? It’s almost as if elections are popularity contests where the one who plans to use his religious beliefs rather than the voices of his own people in his decisions wins the election.

admin says:

I don’t think you get what I’m saying. Marriage isn’t only of church. Marriage is a definition, what has been known for, for many many years. Since when do we change a definition, a word, a meaning? Matrimony, in latin, similarly translates to union for maternity. To be married is meant to bear children. I’m just saying that marriage is what it is and if gay/lesbians want to unite similarly there is nothing wrong with that. Just not through the term marriage. Read the article I posted within this entry near the bottom of it about this term and what it says. And another thing that kills me, what is it with everyone whom is for it getting so damn defensive, and instead of commenting, bitching. I dunno, again these are my opinions and what seems right to me.

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