Crazy ass weekend, hockey and the CA

Work was work last week, but wednesday was a beautiful day! I got my 72pin connectors in the mail from an ebay auction and I rebuilt my original NES system and played it and have been playin it much lately. I’m so happy, I miss the old games, Contra, Captain Skyhawk, Mario 3, Marble Madness, Kung Fu, Excite Bike, Astaynax, Blades of Steel, its great! I feel young again!

As for friday evening I took my ma to Natalie’s house for a jewelry party as I played my Nintendo most of the nite with her brother and cousin. Later that night was the much anticipated hockey at Troy Sports Center. Again I rent out the rink from 12-2am and we played, it was quite fun, except the conclusion of the night. Apparently one of Natalie’s cousin brought a really expensive hockey stick ($200+) and well at the end of the night it was missing. I never expected it to become such the problem as it is now. Nat’s aunt got really upset about it and was accusing my friends of stealing it, but I trust my friends and I know they’d never do something like that, especially a junior stick they can’t even use. I dunno it’s now become this big thing and I wish I could just end it and make it go away. Fuckin A!

Saturday was of a much lighter note, kinda. Natalie and I went over her cousin’s house to babysit her new lil cousin, Ethan, of 4 weeks. Such a cute lil cute. He end up falling asleep on my stomach and slept there for a few hours. Gotta love the lil ones.

Later Saturday night things just got nuts! See we were all going to Canada for Rachel’s 19th birthday and oh man did that have a million and 1 problems. First off we needed a hotel or somewhere to stay that night in the CA, but no one took any initiative to make the plans or look around, so again, I was stuck planning it and charge more dough to the credit card. So ok we got the hotel rooms, now we just gotta drive to the rooms, check in, and then off to the bar, easy right? WRONG! Coming through the tunnel Rachel calls me and tells me to hold up and wait for her, so first instint was to pull over as soon as I got out of the tunnel, not a good idea. When I get up to customs they were questioning me like whoa and then made me take my car in and have it strip searched. So yeah that goes on and Rachel and her crew go right into downtown Windsor and didn’t go through the currency exchange. So now time later they had to go through the currency exchange and that was more of confusion. Ayite then now lets just get to the damn hotel! So we’re starting to drive there and well I get a call from Ron and Jason and they’re lost in downtown, so I tried to direct them to me, but it just wasn’t happening. So I told them to wait at the Casino and we were gonna goto the hotel and meet em at the bar. So we check in to the hotel and get to the bar. As we’re walking upto the bar, whatya know not everyone has their IDs. So yeah, back to the hotel to get the ID. Now pushing midnight easy we make our way into the bar, damn did I need a drink by now. Once in the bar it was much better and I had a good time. But leaving the bar and going back to the parking lot I seen my car and well FUCK! Someone punched off my driver side mirror, beautiful eh? Can this night get any better? OH man! So back to the hotel and we decide to order some pizza, that was a bitch. I just bout done taking responsibility and control for to many people at once, it just give me headaches.

Sunday morn we drove home and man did it feel good to just flop on my bed for a lil bit and do absolutely nothing. Later that evening I went and visited Natalie at work and helped her out a bit b/c they were really busy and swamped. After that, had dinner at my house, and then over her house to do her homework.

Now I’m back here at the dealership in my office, taking it easy. I just wanna go home and do nothing tonight. Hot Damn. Wrote a fun new program Friday and today for lease payment calculations. It’s web-enabled too. I’m sure it’s useless to the rest of you, but if you wanna check it out click here. I’m proud of myself, lease calculation isn’t easy and I got it to work, woo hoo! So yeah a lot has happened last time I wrote, but now I’m outtie once again, time to waste 2.5 more hours of work and get the fuck home. Later……….

P.S. Your fucking awesome babe, right here, right now, no one’s watching…


jmatrone says:

YES!!! NES!!!

ExciteBike, Kung Fu, and Blades of Steel F’ing rock!!! I think I’m gonna dig out my NES now!!! WOOHOO!

padoops06 says:

Re: YES!!! NES!!!

Josh, you’re a dork…………

…………. 😀

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