Valentine’s Day and ideas, ideas

Damn! Where the hell have I been? It’s 2 weeks later now and well last time I wrote was well before Valentine’s day. So in recap here it goes:

Valentine’s Day………where do I start? WOW! I went to pick her up at her house and she had made me cupcakes and spelled out “I Love Anthony Like Whoa” in Red Hots on them. It was so cool, such an awesome idea baby, and oh were they every tasty, so good! After we headed back to my house and well first off I cooked her a candle lit dinner for 2, Fettucine Alfredo, and we drank soda from wine glasses. There was also a dozen red and white roses lying in the middle of the table. Picture perfect. After dinner we headed to my room and well it didn’t look much like my room. Hehe. I rearrange my furniture and put everything against the wall and covered my floor and half my walls with white cloth and red fleece. My room was surrounded with candles all around, scented rose petals everywhere, lil music and in the middle of my room was those kiss-kiss bears with our names personalized in stone on them, a cute lil book, and a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream. I was so excited and so was she. Natalie it was one of those moments I’ll be sure to never forget, an amazing night, definite fireworks, love you like whoa baby!

The week went by quick and I kept busy at work. Nothing much new there. Umm I started plotting out my beefed up NES system. Bought a few things off of Ebay for it and just waiting for them. I’ll give you more details later with my idea and whether or not it all is a success, I think it will! Thursday I had my taxes done, so good, I’m getting a pretty chunk of change back! Oh I got that shirt from Anoop, the one I designed for 313 soundlabs. It came out bad ass, I’m happy with it, so are they, all is good. As for this past weekend I spent a lot of time working on Natalie’s cousins computer, trying to fix it and stuff. I got it working purty Saturday night and well I only have a few more things I need to do to get it going grand. Oh man.

As for today I’m working here again, what else what I be doing on a Monday?! Nat met up with me for lunch earlier. Damn do I love that girl!! Later this afternoon I have a meeting with a few doctors to do some web work. Then later 2nite more computer work for a friend. Ahh so much to do and so little time. Things have been so busy lately. I’d love to go on that cruise this summer…still pushing for it! This weekend is gonna be hectic, once again. Friday night we’re gonna do hockey again at midnite-2am at Troy Sports Center, which I can’t wait for. Then on Saturday night it’s off to Canada for Rachel’s 19th birthday, whatta weekend.

Ok I’m outtie again. Nothing really too new, but definitely keeping busy. Ayite…later….

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angeez says:

Aww Anthony you’re a sweetheart! She’s one lucky lady 😉 Glad to hear you had a good one!

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