Kerazie Week and Lil bit about life

Last time I wrote I had just gotten over a crazy weekend and about to take an exam. Well fuck, I didnt do so well on my exam, damn 60. Calc 2 can take its lil integrals and kiss my white ass. The day I will not have calculus on my mind will be the day I’ll be so much happier, running the streets naked! Hell yeah. Anyways again I have thee calculus 2nite after a long hard weekend. Friday was a helluva nite. Went to a few parties with a few peoples. Had a really good time. Just a lil too much to drink, lol, who says that?! Naw good fun. Met this really sweet sicilian, computer chick (damn thought I’d never say that) talked for quite some time(from what i can remember) and fo sho goin to be talkn to her again. We can share our knowledge of computers (DAMN IT, i’m such a dork, lol) and maybe sumptin else, hehe. Anyways Saturday was a sleep round day then I had many grad parties and other parties I mad appearances to. First I started by going to my friend’s sister grad party then off to Brian’s at 25 and Shelby, after made the route to the Mirage where Nikki Kassab had hers, soon after to Deanna’s then back to Brian’s over to PJ’s for a lil kegger, then back to Deanna’s then over to Vanessa’s then back to PJ’s and finally concluded the nite at mi casa at 4 hours pass midnite. It was a really busy and fun filled weekend. Yet at the same time I had a funeral to attend due to the loss of my great aunt(my ma’s aunt) which, as expected, is not a fun thing. I really had a reality check and a large appreciation for life today. As I sat there in the funeral home lookin around seeing all the flowers and the broken hearts of all the loved ones, you realize how much family really means. No matter what your family will always be there for you and you only have one chance to life so spend as much time with the people closest to you and never forget who you are. I hate the fact that at a funeral it becomes a family reunion when it should be on a much lighter note. Anyways I try to hang out with my family as much as possible and in same time be with my friends. Nothing is more important then relationships and memories. I would rather be the happiest person in the world then being the richest. Materialistic things are no substitute for the care people have for you and the care you have for others. I hope that I can be there for as many people as I can, and that I make atleast one person smile or laugh each day, nothing feels so good then to make someone laugh or smile. Wow, talk about some indepth stuff, if anyone thinks less of what I feel I suggest you not read my journal anymore. Anyways I’m still busy busy busy with 24524.242 other little things, and oh can I not wait for some of the stress to be relieved off my back(say mid august sometime) I’ve been really busy with my business and I have some really big plans and possible some really big things for the future, it’s lookin great and I couldnt be much happier right now. Ayite I leave you again til next week and I leave you with this, smile at someone and wish them a good day, cuz it may just make their day, and DAMN IT have some fun, do whatever enjoy life, it’s a beautiful thing, best wishes to everyone. Arrivederci!!

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“and maybe sumptin else, hehe” lol you are so smooth 😉

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