Just Keeping Up With Everyday

I dunno sometimes I sit and wonder about things why what happens, happens and what exactly am I doing. It’s like this….I not saying that I’m not in a happy state because I am yet I feel like there’s always something weighted on my back. There is so much to worry about and so many things on my mind. I just hope that soon enough I’m able to work through everything I’m doing right now and still be happy. Sometimes I have like these flash forwards of where I want to be in 5 years and what I want to be doing, and tell ya what if I want to actually be there then the difficulties I’m pushing myself through right now could make it a reality, but damn it’s really hard. I’m not sure how much any of this makes sense to you, it could just be another one of my random thoughts, I dunno. Anyways I’ve been whoa busy with many things. Monday with that exam, it was rough. Spent nearly 5 hours studying for it and I still had troubles. Damn it calculus!! You just don’t make it easy for me! As for Tuesday I went to the comedy club with my amicos. Pretty good for the most part. Wednesday-Class, again. Thursday wasn’t much of anything. I’ve been busy working on websites trying to keep people happy. Friday worked, then helped move furniture in my house. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned much before but I’m moving to a new home in the city of Rochester Hills. I really like where I am tho right now, but it’s not my decision. Anyways Friday nite I went out to eat with Jenny, Jill, Eric, Tim, and Dave. Then I went to a hotel party where I met up with Nikki and Mel. Oh and I seen old time neighbor and pal Sal. Crazy eh?! Saturday nite was awesome too! I spent most of the day working on websites then went to my cousins graduation party. And may I say every damn one of her friends is gorgeous! Damn. My departure then led me outta the country and over to Canada for the rest of the night. Our car got impounded which rape us of 90, but the rest of the night was great. Pics of the night are right hereSunday, just laid around all damn day. As for the rest of this week just going to be keep up with every day. I can put up with all of this I know, its very busy and Sunday was just what I needed. As for this upcoming weekend, so much to do! Friday I’ll be skydiving, hell yeah! Then off to the Italian Festival. As for Saturday probably Sterlingfest then off to DJ at Karrie’s graduation party. It’s going to be a non-stop weekend. I think I’m really ready for a vacation by now. Oh how I’d give anything just to be layin on white sandy beaches in the bahama’s with some adoring girl where we could just spend the week together. Someday…………..as for now there are many other things I must take care of. So I’m outtie and back to work, what I should be doin! Ciao


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