Skydiving amazing yet DAMN

Well the beginning of the week wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Thursday I found out something horrible. A neighbor/friend from was in a horrible boating accident instantly killing one of the guys on the boat and put 2 others in critical condition. One of the kids in CC was Nash. As of Friday evening he didn’t make it any further. I wasn’t very close to Nash, but he always always would say hi or wave every time I drove by his house, a few times we’d talkd. He was cool guy and it’s odd knowing that he ain’t gonna be there on his driveway anymore wavin. DAMN. RIP Nash. On a lighter note Friday I went skydiving. One of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my life!! The thrill of falling 14,000 feet is unexplainable yet the coolest! Fo sho will I be doing that again!! Click here to see a small montage of my jump If you’re ever considering on going, don’t hesitate, its going to be something you’ll never regret!! As for later Friday night I went to the Sterlingfest and may I say I felt old. All the lil youngin hoochies were running around. I did run into Nikki which was cool. We were gonna go out friday night, but due to other circumstances, the plans fell through. Ah well it was cool to see her there. Later that night Shawn, Jen, Jason and Rachel came by and we just chilled. Saturday I went to the Italian festival with my cousins Mario and Jerome. Later that night stayed and spent the night at Karrie’s graduation party. As for Sunday it was just a lazy day. Roy, Matt, Rachel, and Jason hung out with us and watched Goldmember. As for today I’m still waiting on my damn car to get back cuz it’s been in the shop from some dumbass who hit it. And later tonite I have school with an exam. Can life get any crazier?!! Anyways I must bounce as I continue to study for my exam. Best of luck to all.


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