Another week down

Not much to share over tha past week. Umm Thursday I went to see American Wedding, again with Jill, Shawn, and Nikki. Awesome bad ass movie! Friday wasn’t much either. Oh except I got a killer bonus at work!! Man do they love me!! We went to Matt’s (my cuz) house to have a lil “get-to-gether” but the turnout wasn’t really much of anything. Then Saturday Nick and I went to the 1st Lions exibition game, they won, kick ass. Hopefully they’ll have something to dish up to the table this year. We’ll see eh? As for later Saturday nite I tried to have people over but it was kinda odd cuz random people just showed up at random times yet nobody was really over at the same time. It was an interesting nite. As for Sunday I just laid round for most of the day worked on a few websites for some more money. MAG Media Design is gonna get hot, just you wait and see!! Anyways Sunday I met up with Shawn and played volleyball at Dodge Park then later that night went with Rachel, Devon, and Deanna to a Texas Roadhouse party. Monday, spend 11 hours at OCC!! Fuck I hate calculus with a passion. Just let me pass, damn is it that hard to do that?!! As for today I’m just here at work catchin up on things and taking care of all problems that I can resolve. It’s nuts I kinda feel like I’m always fixin problems, like I’m a universal solution. I dunno it’s cool at times that I’m lookd upon like that but at times I just wanna be like maybe another time. Ya know sometimes I need a break too. But don’t get me wrong I love helpin people out, I do, so I’m still here. And you know where to find me. Don’t ever hesitate to ask me anything and I’ll do what I can. Ok I’m out, if someone’s lookin for someone new to talk to IM me at SuperSexyNino, and talk to me! PEACE!

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congrats on the bonus babe..and if you ever want to talk to me as well you can IM me at prettynpinkwluv ok? 🙂 byee!

<33 Tiffany

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