Life, wow

Sorry it’s been so long since my last write. I’ve had so much difficulty in my life these past few weeks, I don’t even know how to describe it. Let’s just put it this way, it really put life into perspective and gave me a much great respect and understanding for life. I’ve never felt the way I have these past few weeks. I just can’t wait for things to calm done and get this stress of my back.

First and foremost, Natalie. Natalie, I love you the mostest and you know it. Looking at you and being with you makes it that much more harder to leave your side each night. More and more am I realizing how hard I’ve fallen for you and would be there for you for anything. Your amazing, and couldn’t make me any happier. I love you, I do.

The passed few weeks nothing to new otherwise has happened. Last weekend we did a pretty good move into the new house. It’s all done. Just gotta start unpacking and stuff. Next week Friday is the last and final day in our old house. It’s kinda weird, sad, yet exciting at the same time. The house looks great, everything came out really good. School has been really hectic lately, so much shit, so much h/w, so much to do. By far throughout my college career this semester, with all the other shit that’s gone on so far, this one tops it. Seriously my life has taken so many new directions and new obstacles never new could come.

This weekend is mother’s day, nothing for sure yet, but I will be with the mother, i know. I love my family. I love Natalie. I love life. I’ve had so much brought to my eyes lately and it really woke me up. I pray that everything will smooth out and work out for the better. I’ve fucked up and I’m being as strong as I can do work myself through this. I can. Stressed. So much on my mind right now, hope things haven’t been to confusing. Anyways I do hope everyone is doing well and life is treating them well. Remember to always try to live life to the fullest and make good decisions. That’s all, I’m done.

Natalie, I love you, always.

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