Love it!

It’s amazing sometimes to see where people come and go through times and how things change. What’s astonishing about the concept of individualism and social interaction between each other is how the truth always leaks through in the end. Just when you think nothing makes much sense or you can’t grasp a concept that is a reality, the lenses are adjusted and your eyes focus. That’s when you see, you truly see.

As too many may already know, with out trust you have nothing. Trust is a cosmic bond built only once between two entities. Like a famous painting, there is no duplication or replication quite like the original. Any intricate fallicy that exists on a new iteration will never be the same. Trust can be broken, and built, but it is never the same the first time. The scariest thing about trust is it’s delicacy. It takes so much time to build it, but nearly no time at all to implode nearly every ounce of it in the palm of your hand. The building of lies is antonymous to trust, the poison to the rose. Living a life of lies is a loss of self respect and integrity. A sense of insecurity is transparent. Too transparent. Like I’ve always believed in, patience is a virtue and trust is a core. Those two concepts go together like PB&J. I have a full understanding of what it is to trust and losing that, but once is enough to not ever delay the inevitable and change the bond, a lesser bond than before, if a bond at all. I could probably explain trust to further ends of the earth, but I think you get the idea. Building trust with me will make the relationship between us something that will only make everything better, but more enjoyable. If such is accomplished, reciprication is gratitude.

I’ve been probably more busy than I should be lately, but this isn’t a complaint, its a reflection. I love everything I’m doing though, there’s just something about life that I fuckin’ love. Boredom is inexistent.

Here’s a small relapse on a few events that have transpired….
My wedding, yes, my 80’s wedding was amazing! Everyone had the time of their lives and I still hear from so many people how much fun they had. From the Rubik’s cube wedding cake to the music, I don’t know how else to explain the pure insanity, but mega 80’s!

I want to do another party but ideas are still floating around….

I’ve gone to a few concerts lately, including the great RTOC with Bullet For My Valentine, Atreyu, and Avenged Sevenfold, what a fucking rock solid concert!

This Friday I have Breaking Benjamin, Seether, and Three Days Grace. Then in April is Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon, and Styx. Hell yes!

The beginning of this entry is pin pointed on a few changes in my life. About a month ago, my good buddy Mike called me up outta the blue and finally snapped out of a 6 month downward tortuous spiral he was able to pull out of. I’m really happy for him to see, because he is so much better off. We’ve had some really ridiculous weekends lately, hard to explain in detail, considering this is the internet and open for public discussion, but I couldn’t be any happier right now. The summer of ’08 is destined to be a summer to tell our sons about, for sure!

In two weeks I’ll be flying out to Vegas for an extended weekend with John. We’re giving it all, and taking nothing back! I’m super pumped for this weekend!

I don’t know what else to say right now, I just felt a need to write, so I did.

Oh, I was working on a project today at work and rekindle my love of recursive programming and I have this ridiculous smile that will not melt from my face. The fact that I actually accomplished exactly what I wanted to just make it such a solid satisfaction.

There’s probably a million things I could think of right now about past, present, and future, but come full circle, I love exactly where I am right now….


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