Already February 2008?

Where do I start? I guess my promise to build upon this has been faded once again. As much as I’d love to write in this everyday, time has become of an essence. So instead of always promising that I’ll write more, I’m going to write when I feel apt to do so. And guess what, now is that time.

From what I recall, the last time I wrote was after my Halloween Barnyard party that was quite awesome. Since then I’ve been keeping busy, working and trying to figure this whole life thing out. As some may recall, the 34 Days of Christmas was an overwhelming, exhausting, and joyous event. (More details can be found at My Christmas and New Year’s was great. For New Year’s a large group gathering of us went to the Mirage for one hell of a way to bring in 2008.

It’s weird to look back on 2007 and think about what a change the year had on my life and it’s made me. A few weeks back, I was havin’ a few drinks with a friend and I was talking about how 2007 was probably one of my worst years. He said, “No, best year”. I was puzzled at first, but then listening to him, it couldn’t have been any more apparent. Throughout all that has dawned upon me through the 365.25 days in 2007, I’ve learned more about life, myself, people, and in the end, what I am able to pull through on that year will benefit me for years to come. He’s dead right. It’s hard to believe that February is already in full swing and wow, 2008 feels like it was just brought in yesterday.

I’ve been trying to stick to my guns and I’ve been avidly in the gym everyday, I’ve actually made some solid improvements, but I am really going to push it for the summer. My cousins and I came up with this 6 in 6 around New Years. To get six-pack abs in 6 months (June). For me, thats a helluva run, but as close as I can get, I’ll try voraciously. I love leaving the gym everyday, it just exerts so much energy (positive) on me and I just feel so alive! I love it. We’ll see how the progress of my goals will make it this summer.

Let’s see, among other things that have been keeping me busy, fulfilled and content includes playing hockey Sunday nights, pushing (even thought its on molasses right now). I love music, that’s not going away. I got quite the line up ahead of me for concerts. March is the Taste of Chaos with Bullet For My Valentine, Atreyu, and Avenged Sevenfold. I can’t fucking wait for this concert, seriously, I got my tickets on preorder so I go pit tickets. Hell yes. Then a few weeks later is the Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Three Days Grace, and Red. And a couple weeks after that is the Def Leppard, Styx, REO Speedwagon show. I can’t wait for March!! It’s going to be an awesome month for concerts. I’ll probably be going to a few smaller ones in the area in the next month or two as well. So much music to rock to, I can’t wait!

Work’s been good, been keeping busy. I’m sure I’ve shared with everyone by now, but I was working on an application for Facebook back in October ’07 and I finally launched it in December. It’s not as highly successful as I pictured, but it’s making gradual progress. The name of the app is called The Hookup. Basically its a match making app that matches you with other Facebook users on multiple levels. For more details check it out here Facebook The Hookup or click here to add it to your Facebook Profile. I’m really excited about it. I also have another app I should have ready for release in the upcoming weeks, details to come. Furthermore I’ve also launch The Hookup through Bebo, and soon it will be developed on the Open Social API, which, for all of you Myspace addicts, you’ll get your play with The Hookup as well.

Another awesome project I’ve really found myself in love with is a book I started writing a few weeks back. I’ve learned so much about marketing online and social networks and even deeper, social graphs that I’ve really felt the need to publish something that shows you what works and what doesn’t, why, and how to market using some really new ideas that are just sweet. I don’t know when it will be completed, but I will definitely share it with all. It’ll be some good stuff!!

And well, this weekend is going to be awesome. Because this weekend is my wedding. Well 80’s wedding. I love weddings and realized it maybe awhile before the next one, so I figured I’d just have one myself! With an 80’s twist. So this week I’ll be busy getting everything ready for the wedding, but it’s out to be a rad party! If you wanna go, read the details here: Tickets are also available for purchase on the site as well. Pictures will most likely be posted on Facebook and possible (slowly dying due to Facebook).

Time is of an essence. I think it’s quite apparent with the millions of things I just laid out on the floor. I like taking a step back from the grind every now and then and just let my fingers leak out my thoughts. It really lets me put a lot into perspective. Seriously, writing is ridiculously therapeutic. There’s so much I could still write right now, but I’ll leave it at that. At least I’ve recapped a lot of missing time.

There’s a lot going on and I’m addicted to being here. It’s the ultimate.


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