Mi Familia

After a long drive home from work, I get home and I see that my grandparents are here. (Because my parents are in Vegas for the weekend) I walk into my house and the sweet aroma of my grandma’s cooking filled my nose, mmm, it smelled so good. She was making her amazingly delicious spaghetti and meatballs. Oh man was it ever good. And my grandpa is the funniest!! LOL While we’re eating dinner constantly, you’ll hear “Monja!, Monja!”. He’ll try to get you to eat everything on the table. I love my family. Only in an Italian family, lol. The greatest family in the world! Im very thankful and grateful for being blessed with such a beautiful family. LOL our lil new kitten keeps battin at my fingers while I type this, LOL she’s sitting at the top of my keyboard. Hehe. Ayite time to nap for a lil bit before I go out to the club. God Bless us all. Arrivederci!!


j__lynn says:

hehe ur such a nerd =)
next time it’s spaghetti night..i’m comin by!! its my fav. food mannnn!
how was da club~
loser =P ha!

jmatrone says:

Right on!

I know what you mean man, I’m Italian (half actually) and the Italian side of my fam is so close and they LOVE to cook and they’ll do it all day long. I don’t speak Italian, but the speak a lot of it while cooking, so good, some not so much. LOL…anyways, just thought I’d share that.

– Josh

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