Work, Club, Football….

Well work this week has been extremely busy and I’ve been doing a lot b/c next week is my last week and back to good ol’ Kettering. As for 2nite I’m going to Club Bleu with some friends. My boy DJ Robby’s going to be mixin it up so I know it’ll be good. Oh and just if your wondering where Club Bleu is, its in the D. If you’ve seen the new Obie Trice music video “Got Some Teeth” thats the club, oh oh, also in the song he’s in a VIP room, you can just picture me there, lol, cuz that’s where I’ll be, I’m sure its going to be a blast. As for the rest of the weekend…Saturday is college football day, Michigan plays Oregon, go blue!! State plays Notre Dame, go green! But the game the matters the most is the Wolverines. Other than that nothing much has been happening out of the ordinary, my parents are in Vegas for the weekend. Also I’ve noticed everyone’s considering on switch journals over to greatest journal. I have an account click here, its the same as this one but I’m not sure if I’m going to make the complete rollover. Let me know what all y’all are doing. Other than that things have been busy as usual. I did make a new friend yesterday, happygrl4. She seems really awesome. We’re planning on hanging out next weekend, movies or sumptin. Oh also the website I was working on for my parents place up in Port Austin is up. Let me know what ya think about it. As for now I still have quite a lot of things I have to take care of here at work so til later, take care. Ciao!


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