Myrtle Beach trip!!!

Ayite last week was the much awaited trip to Myrtle Beach. I’ll recap the awesome trip!! Our group was Rob Klienhardt, Abbey Rzeppa, Emily Bousson, Renee Fox, PJ Scally, Neil Galeck, Natalie Hunwick and myself. This is what we did-

This night we all got together, packed things up and after a million and 1 confusions we were off on the road by 10pm. PJ drove the Durango and I drove the Freestar. 4 and 4. On the way down PJ got a warning ticket in Ohio for following to close to me. Haha, the trip was a shaky start.

We continued to drive throughout the night into the early mornings. It was getting really rough. Driving 16 fucking hours can really kick our ass! We pulled over in North Carolina at a Shoney’s, had breakfast and napped a little bit before we actually got back on the road. I was dyin, so was PJ. The driving was really killin us!! Later we finally arrived in Myrtle Beach around 4pm and we checked into our kick ass hotel, Camelot By The Sea!! It had 3 full bedrooms, a full kitchen, a family room, 2 bathrooms, and a really big balcony!! Natalie and I had the master bedroom with a really big King size bed. Oh was every night awesome!! After checking in and shit we went down to the beach and went swimming for a lil bit. At night we took out Rob for his 21st birthday at a local bar, Beach Bumz. He really got fucked up after we all bought him shots. He then tempted to go swimming in the ocean at round 1am. I had to go get him out of the shark infested waters. The rest of the night was kinda a take it easy night after an extremely long day of nearly 48 straight hours with no sleep. I slept like a baby.

We woke up round 10amish and got up and went down to the beach. Didn’t do too much throughout the day. We bought these Myrtle Beach cups and mixed drinks in them and brought them down to the beach. It was really refreshing to be with such a beautiful and wonderful girl on the hot sandy beaches of Myrtle Beach with a chilly drink in my hand. A true dream come true. We took it easy that day and just bummed around. Later that night we went to Barefoot Landing and ate at Dick’s Last Resort where the whole staff makes fun of you while you eat. They truely are dicks. It was funny as hell tho! We drank after we got back and went to bed.

Another day of sunshine and fun. Well actually it rained a little in the morning, but by 1ish it was hot and sunny! We went down by the beach again and chilled and went swimmin. It was a lot of fun. 6 of us went out to eat at a seafood restaurant just down the street from out hotel, The Topless Oyster. Natalie and I split this crazy as meal. It was nuts. It had crab legs, unopened fresh Oysters and Clams, unpeeled Shrimp, sausage, and corn on the cob. A huge mound of food. It was definitely an awesome experience. After dinner we went back to our hotel and well had the best time. By far this was the craziest most funnest night of them all! Did we all ever drink and the shit that went on definitely was the type of shit that stays in Myrtle Beach!! Great great night!

Good good day again. Hot, sunny. Laid around more at the beach and in the ocean. Lots of relaxing. That night we went out to Planet Hollywood for dinner as a full group. It was a lot of fun and yet sad to think that that was our final full day of our sweet as vacation. We drank a lil more after the restuarant, but things we really winding down and it wasn’t that late of a night, 3amish. Night time.

We woke up kinda early, packed, and cleaned our hotel room up. We had to check out of our hotel by 11am. After checkout we went driving along the strip, did some last minute shopping, then started our gruesome drive back home. Through the day and night we drove and drove and drove. This time we took I-77 and cut through the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia.

Finally made it home at 7am in the morning. Natalie and I just went to my house and passed out. We slept half the day before we decided to unpack and return the van rental. What an exhausting day.

The trip was a much success!! I wish we could go back down there. It was way to short of a trip.

This past weekend I spent most of it working on a DVD of the trip. I edited a fully featured film with music, 80’s music that is, since the theme of the trip was 80’s music and family guy. I’ve never really watched the show before until the trip. And what a great show!! I went and bought the seasons on DVD the day I got home from the trip!

You gotta see our trip on DVD! It features the film, and bonus materials such as photo galleries, extended footage, movie trailers, and much more!! Let me know sometime and I could show ya it! It was a blast!

Now I’m back here at work sadly but true. Just working working. I miss Myrtle Beach. It was probably the greatest vacation I’ve been on yet!! Next year is already in the making. And this time I’ve got more ideas for the trip!!

Ayite I’m out.

Not to forget here are a few pictures from the trip:

Neil, Rob, Me and PJ out for Rob’s 21st birthday

Me taking a shot of cheap ass Kentucky Gentleman whiskey

Natalie and myself before dinner one night (I truely am the luckiest man in the world)

Natalie and I eating our crazy meal at the Topless Oyster

Natalie and I outside of our hotel at night. Couldn’t be any happier!!

Shot glasses Natalie and I got filled with the Incredible Hulk

A four-way kiss between Natalie, Renee, Emily and myself

Natalie and I taking shots of Jager-bombs

Natalie and I in front of the Planet Hollywood waiting to eat

A group shot of all of us at our table and Planet Hollywood.

Take me back…………….

Random picture of the day:

This lil restuarant by where I work does my chinese food well, that I had to take a picture with the family that cooks my awesome WonTon soup. Numba Won Chinee!!

Ok, I’m really leaving now……


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