missing the beaches

Myrtle Beach is definitely being missed right now. I wish I could go back!! It was helluva lotta fun!! I’ve already begun to plot out next years trip!! More details still to come. Let’s see…. last week, Thursday, Natalie, Emily, PJ, and I went up to surpise Renee for her 20th birthday. We ate Red Lobster. She was really surprised.

Friday I worked then after I was to help Natalie’s father move out of his house. Long story. Hmmmm I guess that means story time!! Read on….

Ok, Natalie’s father lives lived in a house in Novi with a roommate whom also works with him. Natalie’s father, Gary, worked as a bartender, at a hotel along with his roommate Chris. Well over a small dispute at work Gary and Chris got into a lil bit of a push and shove and well Chris decided to press charges against Gary for assault and battery. So Gary loses his job and well his house he lives in. Chris got a PPO on him and Gary’s not allowed to live in his own house. And the thing is 90% of the shit in the house belongs to Gary. Chris also has his girlfriend and his manic depressant, bipolar mother living with them. So Gary can’t move his shit out of the house without the cops being there. And the last 2 times we tried moving the shit out they’d only give us 30minutes at a time, which anyone knows that you can’t move your whole house out in that time. So Gary was able to schedule time [Friday] to empty out his house, he rented a truck and made an appointment with the cops. So we get there to move shit out and well Chris and his chick aren’t their and the bipolar, manic dep mother wouldn’t answer the phone. It was a complete waste of time. This whole dilemma is much bull shit. So for now Gary is living in at Nat’s house for now until he can move out to somewhere else. Just a crazy as story.

So thats what I spent my time doing on Friday. Saturday was a much busy day too.

On Saturday I woke up at Natalie’s and the went home and cleaned up then went to my uncle’s house to fix his computer. Spent a few hours there and was able to get everything he had listed fixed. After that I went to a Ooooh Sooo fun LAN Party. Last weekend I had met a kid at Nikki’s 21st Surprise B-Day party whom was throwing one, so I went. It was pretty sweet! We played games like Battlefield Vietnam, Counterstrike, and Quake 3. Good ‘ol LAN parties. After a few hours of gaming I went to my cousin Jewel’s graduation party at her house. Loaded fun, as always expected with the family.

Crashed the night with Natalie at her house. Spent most, if not all of Sunday sleeping around, playing on the computer and watching the Olympics. Nothing to new out of the ordinary. Next week, Wednesday, a group of us are going to Cedar Point. That’s gonna be shweet! I love rollercoaster, major rush! That’s about it.

Work is slow today. Time to go find a lil sumptin to do. Bye.


allstarchic says:

Long time no post, glad to hear everything is going good and u had a good time at the beach. I hope everything stays well with u and Natalie, I wish u both the best of luck. Hope to hear from u again soon

<3 Beth

admin says:

thanks, i know i haven’t commented in a while, but I still do read yur entries. I’m sorry about the difficulties between u and mark. I’m online all the time at work. SN: tenhourss. So IM if you want someone to talk to. hope to talk to ya soon. ciao!

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