Cedar Point, Saginaw, and LOTR

Back to last Wednesday, went to Cedar Point with half of the Myrtle Beach trip along with some Newbies. PJ, Renee, Sarah, Mike, Emily, Chris, Natalie, and I spent the day in Sandusky. It was an awesome day to go. No one there, everyone was back to school, middle of the week, hot and sunny. We rode so many of the ride so quick that we were ready to leave by 6pm. It was nuts. Rode em all, Millenium, Raptor, Mantis, Magnum……Ha, we even got stuck on Snake River Falls. The ride fucked up when we were going up and they gave us free passes to ride any ride whenever we wanted and sit where ever we wanted. So bad ass. Later that night I was out, slept for quite some time.

Then on Friday Natalie and I joined Emily in moving back up to school Saginaw Valley State U. We were scheduled to goto Central too, but things just never worked out and we ended up getting some alcohol and drank a lil Friday night. Saturday we came back home after spending 4 hours in the car and getting caught in dumbass traffic. Crazy car accident. Saturday night Mike, Sarah, Natalie, and I started the great trilogy, The Lord Of The Rings. We almost finished the first one Saturday night.

Sunday night we finished the first one and watched most of the 2nd one. We hope to finish it tonight, if not, by tomorrow night. So far so good. It’s extremely long, but not boring. I’m liking it. Oh, oh, oh, one more weee thing, Nat’s ma made us a proposition that she’d buy us Metallica concert tickets if we took her brother. So October Natalie and I will be going to the Metallica – Godsmack concert. So sweet!

Works been slow, it’s time for me to go home. Later, have fun in class to all those in, haha, I got 5 more weeks!! Bitches….

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allstarchic says:

aww glad to hear you and Natalie are still together 🙂 sounds like you guys had a great time hanging out with friends. Doesn’t get much better.

LOTR is awesome, does take some time to watch but they are totally worth it.

Lucky you on getting tickets, have a great time!

How do you have 5 more weeks? I’ve been in school for like 3 or 4 weeks already!! :-p

<3 Beth

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