Work is Slow…

Today is seriously one of the longest days ever. I just want it to be over so that I can go home. I’ve been talking to Amanda, devilplaygirl, which has definitely made the day speed up a bit. Made her a background for LJ, check it here at this special link. She’s prolly just as bored as I am, actually I’m sure of it.

Last night I finally finished the LOTR trilogy. Yes, as expected, very good. Once to fond of what appeared to be, an epilogue at the end. The last 40mins were really dragged out. It was a phenomenal trilogy though. Good shit. Well this weekend is Labor Day and I have a nice extended weekend. Plans are still up in the air, trying to figure out what is up. I just really wanna relax.

If anyone has one, knows of someone, or knows where I could get a Playstation One LCD Screen. Yes the lil 5″ screens that attach to your PS1 to play the games directly on the console. I really really wanna mod my computer with a custom LCD screen and thats my solution. Please help me with what ever you can do. I’ll make it worth your while, hopefully, nudity?! Maybe? Anyways let me know what you can do, appreciation much.

Umm.. yeah 1.457 hours left til I get the phuck outta here! Maybe do some Pilates when I get home, rent some more movies, watch some. Who knows. I really wanna play a classic board game. When’s the last time you can ever remember play Monopoly, Mousetrap, Life, Scrabble, Clue, and/or Risk? The way they were made to be played, no cheating or half assing. That’d be sweet to do that 2nite or maybe build one of those really big 1000 piece puzzles. Those are always fun too. Just thinking about doing something simple, classic tonight. Maybe bust out the old cassette tapes and listen to the oh so lovely 80’s music, David Bowie, Nena, Billy Idol, Cutting Crew, INXS, U2, Flock of Seagulls, Belinda Carlisle, Blonde, Journey. All the goods!

Ok I’m just rambling on and on…just really wanna kill some time. Amanda knows what the hell I’m talking about. So I’m out There, you’ve wasted useless and non essential time reading this lame and flavorless LJ entry.



Omg i would so play “sorry” with you! haha its like the best game ever…or “guess who” ha! love it! yes i am as bored as u are and thanks for actually updating so i could comment to pass the time…yes my background is kickass…i just gotta adjust everything because i kind of messed it up…but i got bored with that so ill play with it when im bored again…hopefully il outta here in 20 min…i wanna go to kohls and get a red tanktop that i wanted its only 6 bucks! ha! okay im gonna stop ranting over here

oh yeah ive never see LOTR at all…i dont think i can sit that long…i havnt seen harry potter either…i dunno ok ill talk to u online!

Definatly bust out the journey! i always listen to them! there kick ass!

admin says:

good shit, 80’s music STILL rocks. go get the shirt, impulse buying is bad yet good at the same time…DO IT!

jenniferdunn says:

Aww that background for Manda looks awesome!! =] You’re so talented Anthony, damn!

admin says:

thankya! i love the graphics, they’re mucho fun to do!

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