Published on September 7, 2004 at 11:52 am

So I was really really bored today at work as I was the rest of the weekend. Not much went on this past weekend. Went putt putt golfing in Novi at the putting edge. Putt putt in the dark. It was cool.

Anyways labor day was lazy, but good. U of M beet Miami of Ohio. GO Blue!! I’m excited for this season.

Bored today I’ve been talking to Amanda, and I ended up wasting my time to creat one of these…

Check it out…have one? Add me…give ya more to do with the internet.

Later bitches.


yeah i wasted my time makin that to make the time go by faster to do that….i did it and now im bored…whatelse can i getmyself in to! 5 hrs left KILL ME! lol

jenniferdunn says:

Found the perfect icon for you.

Made by so credit her!

<3 Loves it.

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