Football and new project!!

Well nothing to new has been going on lately. Friday night Natalie and I were suppose to go with a group of people to see the movies and somehow ended up being the only ones there. Ahh well, what can ya do, ya know? Anyways football….ahh Michigan….I’d rather not talk about that. Mainly I have one thing that made my weekend awesome.

I spent 3 hours last night and almost 6 more today working a new mod to my computer. It wasn’t exactly the easiest, but the outcome was more than worth it!! Here’s a picture of the final project:

I took a good ol’ PSOne 5″ LCD screen and modified it to work with my computer as 2nd monitor. And since I have the TV Tuner I can use it as a TV. Or Winamp Control. OR Buddy List. Anything is possible. Check out the hard paid work I spent to create this bad boy. It’s eye candy time!!

I’m tired…time to go visit my hardworking baby at Applebees. Love her to death….
later ya….keep droolin over my computer, cuz I know you want it!!


crazydave78 says:

what purpose does a screen on teh floor serve, jw

admin says:

well right now it’s not doin me good, but when i go back to school my computer sits on my desk right next me so it’ll come in much more use when doing h/w to watch football games or anything else. so it’ll be put to use in a few more weeks much more. and it was really inexpensive and fun to do. no more than $40 bucks for the whole project.

you are too friggen smart for your own good, i wish i had half the knowledge you have.. sorry about the drive in thing.. it was only supposed to be me and lisa going to see that josh hartnett movie.. then it ended up being a huge extravaganza going to see 2 totally different movies??!! oh well.. sorry i couldn’t make it.. brit didn’t get her till 10:30.. she didn’t leave till 6 something from ohio.

admin says:

it really isn’t that hard….just imagine what ya wanna do and make it happen!!

it’s ayite bout friday…we’ll find another time, i’m sure.

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