Really busy, new websites, new ideas, and school coming up.

I’ve been busy as always and haven’t gotten around to update in a while. Here’s a quick week point 5 in review. Last Monday I went to B-dubs with PJ and Marv. Watched Monday night football. A short night. Over the past week I was busy working on computers here and there and creating new websites and ideas. This past weekend, Friday, I went to the comedy castle with Mike, Sarah, Emily, Danko, Amanda devilplaygirl, Chris, Natalie, and I. It was great. Comedy Clubs are fun.

Saturday night wasn’t much of anything really, actually to tell you the damn truth I can’t remember a fucking thing I did Saturday night, honestly. I’ve been sitting here thinking and just can’t seem to remember so if you know what I did Saturday let me know. This past Monday night I drove out to Novi to meet up with roommate Jason, and comrads Scott and Ron for some Monday night football action.

Mainly over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a few new projects. First off is finally setup and ready for public browsing. I’m working on a much more cleaner and advanced website, which is scheduled to debut sometime in October or early November. I’ll keep you posted on the status of my website.

Another big project which has been under the covers for quite sometime now is about to make it’s full public debut. I’ve started a new small internet business, for fun. is a variation of many ideas I’ve been working on and I’ve began to construct them in a positive way. I’m not going to say much about the new site or what it exactly is, but stay closely tuned in to see what is to come in the future!!

Anyways thats really all I have to update with. This weekend will be last weekend home before I move back up to the indisputable Kettering University. Friday – Cider Mill. Saturday – Andiamo’s to see Darrell Hammond. Sunday – Project time.

Later bitches.


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