I’m open heart torn…..

And if you could make up
For every single time you lied
I’d probably whisper this
Hello, goodbye
And so it begins again
Harder each and every time
I start to reminisce
I never seem to ever find

Someone I can trust
Someone I believe
Someone who will never try
To bring me to my knees
Someday I will find again
Someone just like me
Someone who will take the time
In understanding me


awww i feel so terribly bad! i wish i could make all that go away but i cant! good luck

admin says:

it’s ok, i appreciate you talkin to me, i needed it. i love her too much, and she’s making me feel this, i’m a wreck.

happygrl4 says:

whats wrong u=(
i never ever see u write sad entries..

admin says:

when you truely trust and love someone so much, you find what they’re hiding behind your back and lying, straight to your face. it’s burning up inside.

happygrl4 says:

im always here to talk if you need too!
even tho i have really no clue what your situation is, i had something that made me feel like that very recently…makes your heart feel like its stopped beating and so hard to believe when u put everything you trusted into someone and thought the same back !

hope everything is ok…

admin says:

thanks, i hope so too. i seen my g/f do the unexpectable last night. i’m hurting, really really hurting.

yikes…that`s touchy…i`m sorry.

🙁 let me know if there is anything I can do

sorry to hear the news…

i love ya anth. stay stong.

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