One year of my life

It’s been a year now since I’ve been writing in my LiveJournal. So that means you now know everything that has happened in my life for the past year. Woohoo. Let’s see, yesterday was the tragic one year anniversary of September 11th 2001 and the WTC terrorist attacks. Not exactly the best of days, but everyone was able to get through it. Work has been nuts here at RCJ. I’ve really been tied down to working on this newsletter. And lots of other little projects keep coming up continuously. Not to bad though, makes the days go by quicker. Um last weekend we went to Cedar Point with PJ’s family and Sarah and Karrie. It was awesome. The new wicked twister was a sweet, sweet ride. Very wicked feeling, luved it! It was a very good weekend last week. I had a bad ass time. So far this week of work has been on the slow side. I’ve been working alot of OT too. Gotta lotta shit to do before I go back to school, I know I’ll get it done though. Monday I went over one of my buddy’s from works house to help him setup his new computer. It’s an awesome computer. Tuesday Sarah and I went to the movies to see Swimfan. Not the greatest movie. I don’t think I would see again. Yesterday we went to the mall and tanning. Oh shit at Crazy Joe’s right now a month of tanning is only $5.95!! You can’t beat that!! At the mall I didn’t make any purchases. Sarah did though, she’s getting ready to take her senior pics in a couple of weeks. They’re gonna look so awesome. She’s so hot!! Damn girl! Then the week after is homecoming, ahh, its back already!! After that I’m back to school. Time sure as hell flies by quickly. I can’t believe I’m already into my 2nd year of college. Fuck me! Anyways I’m gonna get back to work, become more productive. Talk to ya later. Hope you’ve found the past year of my life interesting. Not exactly something to write a book about though! I’m outta here!!


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