Computer Graphics Are Awesome!!

Well I’ve been quite busy lately with work and other things. Didn’t see much of Sarah this week, but manageable. I’ve really go into doing computer art and graphics. You can see some of my art by clicking on the sample picture I put at the bottom of this journal. Anyways let me know what you think about it! I loving it. Very time consuming and tedious at times, but it’s well worth the finishing result! Next friday is my last day of work, once again and I’m moving back up to my school. This time though we’re in the apartment! It’s gonna be bad ass! Well not much else to say, tonite is my cuz Mario’s birthday and tomorrow Matt Terenzi’s but other than that nothing killer. Oh, next weekend is Homecoming, damn did time ever fly fast! Ayite I’ll talk to ya later, wish I had more to tell ya, but nothing that crazy!! Peace!!


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